June 30, 2014

#SocialMediaSunday #SpreadingtheWord #GreatJob

What began as an idea from a couple of volunteers caught fire, and Social Media Sunday was a grand success.

Laura Catalano, a volunteer webmaster from Missouri, wrote about the idea here. What transpired yesterday, the official “Social Media Sunday,” can be seen here. This social media aggregator (a fancy name for a website that collects all of the social media with a specific hashtag – in this case, #Episcopal) gives a glimpse into the success of the event. More importantly, it is a visual feast of the dynamic, diverse ministries across The Episcopal Church. The aggregator captured some great selfies, pics of disco mass, beach mass, regular mass, labyrinths, Bible studies, Pride moments, and youth groups. If scrolling through this list doesn’t get you excited about some of the great stuff happening in our churches, then you need a pulse check. 

Even the Archbishop of Canterbury got in on the action, tweeting: “Just had an email from a friend in The Episcopal Church celebrating Social Media Sunday (A good idea?). peace be with you all. #Episcopal.” If the Justin Welby can take the time to tweet, so can we! 

Another important note about this day: The goal wasn’t to encourage you to organize some grand event or pull out all the stops for worship. It was simply to share what we’re already doing. Let me repeat that: Social Media Sunday asked us to simply share what we’re already doing. 

The Great Commission asks more of us, of course. To talk about our faith, to witness about the promise of new life. To go and make disciples. 

Social Media Sunday (really, every Sunday) was, and is, a great first step.