August 17, 2016

Vital Practices Digest: 5 Resources to Jumpstart Fundraising

In the August Vital Practices Digest, we offer 5 resources to help jumpstart your fall annual giving efforts, with the 5th a resource to help in developing year-round stewardship in your congregation.

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1. The 2% Campaign

The 2% Campaign” offers definitions and examples of the difference between almsgiving, offerings, and tithes as well as practical advice on how to start giving 2% and continue toward 10%.

2. All Saints’ Mad-lib Pledge Card

Use the “All Saints’ Mad-lib Pledge Card” as an opportunity to inject something fun into your pledge campaign and to encourage parishioners think about what their church community means to them.

3. "Hello!" Taking the Mountain to Mohammed

‘Hello!’ Taking the Mountain to Mohammed” shares St. James’ stewardship video parody and reminds us of the potential value of incorporating a fun element into a stewardship campaign.

4. Addressing Lackluster Stewardship Campaigns

"Addressing Lackluster Stewardship Campaigns” shares some of the common sticking points that prevent congregations from having a successful stewardship campaign and offers ideas for avoiding them in your next campaign.


5. Why I Give Do members of your church have an opportunity to offer public testimony of what their faith – and their church – mean to them? “Why I Give” is an example of the power of personal witness.

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