February 15, 2017

ECF’s 5 Vestry Essentials for February

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This month, our digest features 5 ways to help your vestry hit the ground running.

1. What Does a Rector Do?

New Vestry Papers article - We’ve added one more article to the February issue!

Vestries have a particular role of working closely with their clergy person. With his own job about to change, Greg Syler explores in "What Does a Rector Do?" what the job of a rector is from perceived expectations to the church-wide Canons.

2. The Vestry Hand-Off: Orientation for New Members

The Vestry Hand-Off: Orientation for New Members” offers suggestions to make the transition from the former leadership team to the newly elected members of your vestry much easier.

3. Five Meeting Tips for New Leaders

Walking into your first meeting as a new leader of a group can be unnerving. “Five Meeting Tips for New Leaders” shares five principles to help your first meeting go smoothly.

4. Vestry Covenants and Norms

Vestry Covenants and Norms” shares examples of covenants developed by Episcopal vestries to help build trust, mutual respect, and the abilty to make decisions.

5. How to Write a Reflection

As a vestry leader, part of your role is communicating to your congregation. “How to Write a Reflection” shares advice on how to make your piece unique and memorable to your readers.