Lindsey Seegers

Hi, I’m Lindsey Seegers, a food blogger who five years ago simultaneously discovered the Episcopal Church along with my love for the culinary arts. A conversation with my former priest at Saint Christopher’s, Springfield, VA led me to pursue further education in cooking and nutrition, and even apply to graduate school. 

I cherished opportunities to cook for outreach ministries so much so that I began my blog A Pear to Remember—a place where I write weekly about vegetables, kitchen tools, and what to feed my chicken-loving husband. A Pear to Remember is for enthusiastic eaters bewildered by The Kitchen. I try to make it a do-able, inspiring guide to time and budget-friendly foods for the novice and gourmet alike. Being a vegetarian, I cook and blog about many meatless meal ideas. When I am not working in second grade special education, or perusing Trader Joes, I am at George Mason University completing my graduate work in Nutrition (and counting down to graduation this May). Find cooking ideas on my blog over at