Janine Hand

Janine Hand is a native Philadelphian, educated by the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and then in the tradition of the Christian Brothers at La Salle University.

Her business degree and extensive work in the fashion industry served her well in a thriving second vocation as a director at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod, ELCA, where her focus encompassed synodical operations, support staff supervision, problem solving for congregations and their leadership, working with call committees, and collaborating on the mobility of professional leaders for call placements in the synod and ELCA. Janine initiated a national network and annual conference for church administrators that continue to be a unique resource for peer support and leadership development in this field.

Life transition brought Janine to the big island of Hawaii for over two years then back to the mainland where she loves city and beach life with her husband, Lawrence. A parish administrator for an Episcopal church in California, she is a clergy wife and volunteers at her husband’s parish and in the community. She is a serious needle pointer, and her most favorite room in the house is the kitchen, where she loves to do nothing more than cook morning, noon, and night.