15-Minute Marketing: From Picture to Postcard

by Richelle Thompson on April 30, 2012

Be funky. That’s the name of the website I discovered last week that offers a free and fun way to create quick marketing materials.

First, find a picture that is compelling. In my situation, I wanted to promote summer camp, so I found a picture that told a story of happy people having a good time in a place that promoted community-building and spiritual growth.

Here’s the photo:

I thought it would be fun to do something funky with it, so I Googled “cartoon-ize pictures.” Among other sites, www.BeFunky.com popped up. I tried a few of the other sites. None worked as easily and intuitively as BeFunky. Plus it’s free, and you don’t have to register.

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Love in the Midst of Suffering

by Jeremiah Sierra on April 30, 2012

I had a blog post almost ready to post before I went to church on Sunday evening. Perhaps that’s what a sacrament should do: engage and disrupt. At St. Lydia’s on Sunday evenings we prepare a meal together and participate in a simple and ancient liturgy. We tell stories and sing and pray. This week, some of the stories were unexpectedly moving. They were about loss and healing.

Telling each other difficult things, making sure that someone else in the world knows that we are in pain, or afraid, or have endured a difficult past, isn’t easy, but it’s essential to living in community. We are, to some extent, the story that we tell ourselves, a narrative that we’ve been developing throughout our entire lives. If we don’t tell that story, then we shrink into ourselves and away from our community.

Of course, these experiences aren’t always easy to tell, or to hear. After the sermon we sang, and then we were invited to offer our prayers aloud. This Sunday there were more names than usual - the names of the sick and those who had died and those who were suffering in less tangible ways.

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Show Me!

by Lisa Meeder Turnbull on April 27, 2012

... let us love one another, not in word or speech, but in truth and action. (1 John 3:18)

Whenever I read this week’s Epistle, Audrey Hepburn’s voice jumps into my head as Eliza Doolittle explodes at Freddie:

Words, words, words

I’m so sick of words!

Never do I ever want to hear another word

There isn’t one I haven’t heard…

…Say one more word and I’ll scream!

…Don’t waste my time, show me!

So….how? How do we put words into action? And just as importantly, how do we fall short? When do we withhold the love and compassion, the effort and dedication, the embodied offerings that God would have from us through our baptism? With seven billion people on the planet, how can we possibly seek and serve the Christ we see in all of them?

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Emailing vs. Spamming

by Nancy Davidge on April 26, 2012

When does email cross the line and become spam? Using email as part of your congregation’s communications strategy requires collecting email addresses. What’s our responsibility regarding stewardship of this resource?

Last week, this question was posted on the Episcopal Communicators’ listserv:

I am wondering if you have any good articles or studies showing that when you email people without asking for their permission first, you are spamming? I have someone with considerable clout here who is pressuring me to sign everyone in our database up for her email newsletter and I’m saying no, but would like some numbers to back it up.

Has you been asked, or asked, this question?

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The Blues

by Peter Strimer on April 26, 2012

Peter Strimer's photo of Nick Moss singing the bluesI have realized that Easter season is not the time for me to study the blues. Luckily, Holy Week provided the richest setting for singing the blues that our tradition holds. Here is the play list from my new album Holy Week Blues.

  • Cut #1 Singing Stones
  • Cut #2 Cleansing the Temple
  • Cut #3 Alabaster
  • Cut #4 Your Money’s No Good Here
  • Cut #5 Time to Eat
  • Cut #6 Spilling the Salt
  • Cut #7 Long Night Blues
  • Cut #8 Trials
  • Cut #9 Long Road to Nowhere
  • Cut #10 My Mother’s New Son
  • Cut #11 Unused Grave
  • Cut #12 Dead and Gone
(Someday I’ll come up with the songs themselves instead of just the titles...)

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