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Richelle Thompson is a regular blogger to ECF Vital Practices, writing from the Diocese of Southern Ohio where she served as director of communications for many years.   In 2013 Richelle began work as managing editor at Forward Movement.

A clergy wife and mother of two, Richelle also serves on the board of Episcopal Communicators.  
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Updated January 2013.   

Recent Posts:

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Discipleship Matters
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From the Mouths of Babes
In Community
Loving Thy Neighbor
Let it be, Eleanor Rigby
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Messy Church Success!
State of the Church
Experimenting with VBS
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It's Not about Me
Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant
Social Media Evangelist
Local Temperature Control
Low and High Context: Bridging the Gap
Community and Last Suppers
Ichabod Meetings
Birthday Blessings
What Do You Do?
Tearing Down the Church, One Tweet at a Time
Ain't No Mountain (of Snow) High Enough...
Making Annual Meetings a Source of Renewal
Professional Development
Going Cold Turkey
Public Displays of Affection
It’s Not About Me
Talking with Visitors
Honoring Advent
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Life-giving or Life-sucking
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Why I Give
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Managing Up
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Unequally Yoked
Summer and Episcopalians
#SocialMediaSunday #SpreadingtheWord #GreatJob
Steps to Restructuring
Restructuring Structures
Lego My Bible
Body Language
Living Community
Thank You Notes
Bring Out Da Woo
Theology of Interruption
Tearing Down, Building Up
Hole-y Soap
Promises, Promises
Defining your Meeting
Speaking Frankly
Fifty Days
Ode to Copiers (and their Machines)
Soccer-field Best
Punching Holes in Bushel Baskets
Johnny Takeover
If At First You Don't Succeed
Letting Go
We’re All in This Together
Breaking Bread
What Do We Want to Be?
Five Loaves of Garlic Bread
Websites and Hairstyles
Lent Madness
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TBT (Throw Back Thursday)
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Volunteering Shouldn't be a Life Sentence.
And, Instead of Or
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Pastoral Care
Above the Fold
The Trees AND the Forest
Take a Deep Breath
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Holding Lightly
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Hunger Games
i-care, We Care
A Laughing Matter
Just Do It
Miss Manners
Writing our Stories
Prime Real Estate
Atheists go to Church
Bible Thumb-ers
Candy Crush for God
Field Trips
Small-Group Experiments
Are We Ready?
Trading Spaces: Sunday School Edition
Church Selfies
Fitting in--And Adam's Rib
An Afternoon Caller
Trapper Keepers for Back-to-Church
Back to Church Sunday 2.0
Covenant of Courtesy
Children ARE Welcome. Really.
Retreat. And Advance.
Fine China and Lace Ladies
Hog, Bog, and Frog
Moral Instruction
Second Eyes
Showing Up
Facebook Snark
Comrade or Competitor
Just Say No
Letting Go
When People are Mean
Lunch Bunch
Memorial Day
The Vestry Hand-Off
Where is God?
Celebrating Pentecost
Personal Stewardship
More Fun Fundraising
What People Want (and Need)
A Bad Joke
Being Schooled
Ear Evangelism
Making Your Own How-to Videos
Making Pictures Work Double-Time
Keeping Easter
A Facebook Movement
Holy (and Heck) Week
Saying No so that You Can Say Yes
Exploring Target Audiences
Elixir for Church Growth
Space to Heal
Putting the Fun in Fundraising
There’s No We in Team
Customer Service
Start at the Very Beginning
Making Friends with the Church Directory
An Outward and Visible Sign
Lent with Intention
St. Mind Reader
Listening to the Still, Small Voice
Making Sausage
Beans and Grapes
Moving Lessons
Managing Change
Pray it Forward, FB-style
My Hands, God’s Hands
Get on the Bus
Good Will to All
Saving One Tree
Underneath -- and Beyond -- the Kilt
Feedback Forms and the Serenity Prayer
Unity Post-Election
(All) Saints on Facebook
A purple witness
Death by a Thousand Cuts
Healing Hands
Managing Change
Is your calendar a circus?
Raising PK’s
What's your sign?
E-mail Overload
Doggone Welcome
School Days and Rituals
Shake, Rattle, Roll, and Bless
Survey says
Orienting our Lives
The Church that Plays Together
Telling Stories
Great Expectations
Virtual Tour your Church
Baptism in Community
Facebook is a Mission Field
Communication as Helium
General Convention in 140 Characters (or less)
Reporting General Convention
Mnemonics and Telling Stories
Brand: Burn, Baby, Burn
Brand Speak for Dummies - Including Me
Campfire stories and Evangelism
Moving from Purpose to Spirit-Driven Meetings
Defining the Gobbledygook
Babies, Bathwater, and Structure
Speaking in Tongues
Worth the wait
Finding your Gifts
Getting the Word Out
Same Story, New Techniques
Facebook Blooper
Wanted: Fundraiser Makeover
15-Minute Marketing: From Picture to Postcard
Church Secretaries are Saints
What Happens to Moses?
Confession of a Priest’s Wife
Cha Cha Slide
Lesson 1: What Makes a Good Facebook Post?
Flowering the Cross
The Other 1 Percent
Church Smackdown? Not in this Town
Will they know we are Christians?
David & Goliath
The (Written) Word Made Flesh
Taking Shelter
Communication is mission: Connection
The ministry of communications
Ashes -- and a message in a bottle
Un-masking Mardi Gras
Cupid-ity or Stupidity?
A New Way to Start a Meeting
Making Announcements that Work
Accountability in Community.
Are we there yet?
A Secret Key to Keywords
Unlocking Keywords
Google: Your Way to the Top
Seeing Jesus
Nametags: Opposites attract
Light as a feather or stiff as a board? Vestry ice breakers
A Leopard and its Spots
What We Leave Behind
Making Room
Elf on a Shelf -- and Control
What's Your Dirt Pile?
Community and Security
A Clever Social Media Tool
St. Nicholas: Putting away (my) childish things
Leaving is Lonely
Helping out the Calendar Master
B-4: Traditions of Thanksgiving
Here, Hear the Children
Vestry: Cast of Characters
QR: Business card
Saints Among Us
Broken Windows
Refrigerator Score
e-Newsletters: Tips and trends (or How to get people to read your stuff)
Save the Shift Key
Charting a New Path
The Baptist Bus Driver
Dreaming, Google, and the Church
Roscoe and the Widow's Mite
Do All Dogs Go to Heaven?
Old Dogs, New Tricks
Thanks, Netflix: A Lesson in Communication and Change
If You (Re-)build it, Will They Come?
Spiritual but not Religious?
Back to Church Sunday
An Unexpected Gift
Taking it to the Streets
Who do you say that I am?
A Stewardship Miracle
What's in a Name
Waxing nostalgic: Back to school
A Children's Place
Sharing Time
Finding Mr./Mrs. (the Rev.) Right
Shooting Stars
Hard Decisions, Winning Strategies
The Value of Advice
Doing the Trim Work
Redesigning your Website
To Print or Not to Print
Blowing off Steam
The Next Meeting Tango...
Drum Roll Please ... a Look at Great Facebook Users
Archbishop LIKES Facebook
Giving Church the 'Super 8' Treatment
Space invaders
Mass: A Conversation
To (Name) Tag or Not to Tag?
Led by Children
Taking One for the Team
Closed in Observance of the Ascension of Our Lord
Building Community -- at a Campground -- and Church
Domain over your Domain
How Does Your Garden Grow?
Stewardship: Glass half-full
Raising PKs
Kindness of FB friends
When the Outside Doesn’t Match the Inside
The Cacophony of Children
Osama bin Laden: To rejoice or not?
Undercover Rector: Coffee and Conversation
10-Minute Rule
A Taste of Heaven
Losing Your Pew, Gaining ground
Room 306: A Prophet Then and Now
Reclaiming Sacred Space is Hard.
Episode II, Undercover Rector: LOL
Undercover Rector
A Man Named Roscoe
Soul Food Pyramid
Knee-deep: The tough work of being church
Saintly Smackdown
The Ides of March, George Clooney, and the Episcopal Church
In God's Time
Buildings as Transformational Tools
Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!
Academy Awards and Church Announcements: Time to Cue the Orchestra
Time to Flip out
The Proper Distance?
Website tools: Analytics
Mommy's a Good Multi-tasker
There IS an App for That
Sharing Love Stories
Meeting without Meeting
El cuidado y la alimentación de los sacerdotes
Care and Feeding of Priests
A New Program Goes Old-School
A Game of Pick-Up-Sticks
New Kind of Potluck at the Annual Meeting
A Mega-Church Plant
Baby Boomers: Put down the microphone
Chalk marks the Way
Balancing the Good News scale
Resolution: Believe
Glorious In-Between Times
Making Room This Christmas
Transitive Verbs ... and Christmas
Seeing with New Eyes
How Not to Win Friends and Impress Visitors
Jesus and Santa
St. Nicholas: Connecting the Past and the Present
Behaving Badly (and Publicly)
Appreciate Me Now
A Thanksgiving Feast - The Religious Kind
Back to basics
The Mustard Seed
And the Gold Goes to ...
The Balance Between Crazy and Amazing
Church and State
Saints Alive
Hollow me out
Three stitches. All better.
GodSquad met at our house.
Growth Charts
Riding Shotgun




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