Electronic Voting for Dioceses: What worked for us

In April of 2016, I put out a request for help to the Episcopal Communicators Facebook group on best practices and recommendations for electronic voting at our bishop election convention in Central New York. As a way to say ‘thank you’ to this group, please read this blog post (http://www.ecfvp.org/posts/electronic-voting-for-dioceses-what-worked-for-us/) to learn our process and look at the photo essay for visuals. Our key learning from this successful experiment: Episcopal Communicators on Facebook is a GREAT place to get help! What we were doing was relatively simple, don’t overthink it The main benefit with electronic voting is in the counting and time to provide feedback Ballot creation with random positions for candidates is built in and important Almost instant updating of the ballot as needed for candidates who withdrew It works for a valid and fair election! It is scalable to larger or smaller audiences