By Nancy Davidge
Highly functioning, fruitful vestries are built on transparency and respect.
By Bob Williams
Do your congregation’s communication tools need sharpening? Maybe you’d like to get on track for fall and the new program year? Here are suggestions from the Media in Ministry class at Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological Sc…
By Greg Troxell
The Internet experienced another massive shift on June 28, 2011 when Vic Gundotra announced [i] the launch of Google+ a.k.a. G+, googleplus.
By Scott Gunn
In “Tone Matters,” Scott Gunn looks at how poor communications can cause hurt feelings and offers steps you can take to minimize misunderstandings and create an environment of truthfulness and love.
By Sharon Richy Turner
Is the Internet the 'Promised Land' for congregational communication? Sharon Richy Turner explores how churches are using Internet based resources to share the Good News.
By Nancy Davidge
Online listings offer churches the opportunity to tell their story 24/7, with capacity to include far more than name, address, contact information, and worship times. Learn about what's available and how to get maximum (free)…
By Terri Mathes
What if you’re a small congregation with limited resources? Does video make sense for you?
By Mary Kay Thompson
Having fewer resources doesn't have to mean lower quality. Grace Episcopal keeps its communications strong by successfully re-tooling from full time to part time staff.
By Susan Elliott
We’re all familiar with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, where every curious critter has its own take on logic and language. It’s not a lot different from the current environment for communications.
By Terri Matthes
Do you need a video for your capital campaign? Maybe you've had your heart strings pulled by glowing shots and the stirring soundtrack of your alma mater's video or the local hospital's. But is something that flashy appropria…
By Carol E. Barnwell
In the beginning was the Word. To me, although there is opinion to the contrary, tat makes communications the oldest profession in the world.
By Carol E. Barnwell
One of the best tools for parish communicators is a good press kit.
By Kris Lee
A checklist of what should be on a parish website.
By Sarah Bartenstein
We use a variety of media at St. Stephen's Richmond
By Sarah Reiners Bartenstein
Is your church inclusive and welcoming?
By Matthew Moretz
As we shape and direct the mission of our parishes, young people should be at the front of our agendas.
By Kris Lee
You do have a parish communication strategy, don't you?
By Kirk Smith
Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your rector “tweet”? If not, you are missing an effective, free opportunity for evangelism and church growth, not to mention a vibrant new tool for strengthening your church communi…
By Amy Simons
In the beginning when the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, a wind from the Internet swept over the land and the Internet said
By Barbara Dundon
As we stepped outside the StoryBooth that chilly Saturday in March, my husband and I knew we had experienced something sacramental.