Clergy Transition

By Sandra Clark Kolb
As a vestry member during a change in ordained leadership you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one. Both the change and the transition need to be managed. Returning to the example of Moses we used last …
By Jim Sell
Thou shalt…encourage more lay leadership. All too often, the last rector might have simply found it easier to “do it him/herself.”
By Gary Gleason
"Why should we spend a year trying to get a new minister? I could fill this job in about a week!" the vestry member proclaimed. "Yes," I replied, "but it's not a good idea."
By Sandra Clark Kolb
Change in ordained leadership in a congregation creates a time of both challenge and opportunity. As a vestry member you play a critical role in making the transition a healthy one.
By Jan Henderson
During the time of clergy transition, the senior warden is responsible for leading the congregation in their search for a new rector. In “Leading through Transition,” senior warden Jan Henderson shares the process she and her…
By Dorothy "d'Rue" Massey Hazel
The feelings of grief and loss that may accompany a clergy transition may also heighten levels of anxiety and stress. In “Expectations Matter: Choose Faith,” Dorothy “d’Rue” Hazel advocates for working through these feelings,…
By Susan Elliott
For some congregations, transition means giving up the familiar structure of full-time clergy as well as their understanding of the way authority and tasks are distributed. Susan Elliott’s “From Challenge to Opportunity” sha…
By Anne Burns
Think of this time as the longest Advent season you have ever experienced.
By Cathie Caimano
Across our church congregations wrestle with decisions related to clergy staffing. Recognizing many congregations may associate moving to part time clergy a ‘failure. ‘ Cathie Caimano suggests reframing the conversation by as…
By Greg Syler
With his own job about to change, Greg Syler explores what the role of a rector is from perceived expectations to the church-wide Canons.
By Mike Ehmer
Our responses to change and transition in congregational life vary because our understanding of them is influenced by our experiences and individual temperament.
By Anne Rudacille Schmidt
Days before being installed as senior warden, Anne Rudacille Schmidt learned her rector had accepted a call elsewhere. “Clergy Transition: Tips for Senior Wardens” shares strategies Anne and the vestry used to navigate this u…
By Kimberlee Auletta and Sarah Kooperkamp
Kimberlee Auletta and Sarah Kooperkamp are co-Priests-in-charge at their parish and share how it allows for more time to truly live into their ministry and personal lives.
By Henry Parsley
In “I Really Miss Vestry Meetings,” Henry Parsley, retired bishop of Alabama states “vestries should be one of the most exciting ministries in the church – joyful, in fact” and then shares the key components that he, after wo…
By Donald Romanik
For many churches, the one church one priest model is no longer possible, creating opportunities for different models of leadership. In “Equal Partners,” Donald Romanik shares a story of a congregation – and a diocese – commi…
By Susan Tamborini Czolgosz
When should a congregation begin to think about planning for a clergy transition? Susan Tamborini Czolgosz’s “Transition Planning” provides a framework for shifting thinking about a clergy transition, recasting it as a natura…