By Rosa Lindahl
Our capacity to move into the future depends on the ability of our congregational leaders to function effectively as a team.
By Beckett Stokes
Several small congregations in the Diocese of Colorado are growing and thriving as a result of their adoption of a shared leadership model.
By Ward Richards
Conflict. It’s inevitable. It occurs every day, in every facet of our lives.
By Peggy Treadwell
The greatest gift vestry members can give their churches is creative, positive challenge and support of their rector(s).
By Scott Evenbeck
Just as the Great Commission—“Go therefore into the world to make disciples of all nations”—does not go into great detail on how exactly to accomplish that mission, so the canons of the Episcopal Church are not particularly s…
By Blair Pogue
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN has been re-envisioning the role of the vestry over the last five years: inviting vestry members to understand their role as that of a spiritual discernment team.
By Linda Buskirk
When Christ Church in Pensacola began to think about their future, they engaged in a process of strategic thinking. Their goal was to identify their vision and their values, as well as some priorities for strategic action. L…
By Robert Harris
In “On Being a Senior Warden,” Robert Harris shares some of his experiences as senior warden in two congregations over a number of years. Having worked with a variety of rectors with varying levels of experience and character…
By Janie Kirt Morris
Getting the right people on board is critical. Janie Kirt shows us the successful system she developed for “Build a Healthy Vestry." Available in Spanish.
By Chilton Knudsen
Congregations often include people impacted by addiction and codependency.
By A. Wayne Schwab
Is not God most concerned about how we live from Monday to Saturday?
By Ann Hallisey
“The spiritual leadership of the parish is the rector’s job!”
By Caroline Fairless
A young woman who has asked for a spot on a vestry agenda comes right to the point: “I speak for those of us who don’t like the changes in the worship service.”
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
Skeletons in the sacristy? We have one — figuratively, at least — in our church.
By Titus Presler
“What do you think is going to happen?” is a question I hear often in discussions of the aftermath of the sexuality decisions of the 2003 General Convention.
By Bill George
We are all pilgrims, together on a journey through life.
By Richard H. Schmidt
We used the Psalms as a way to enter into prayer. At the beginning of each vestry meeting, we read a psalm or portion of a psalm, slowly, pausing a beat between verses.
By Dorothy Gibson with assistance from Barbara Larson
Given all that energy and the challenges of the time we live in, it feels like a good time to expand the opportunities for lay leadership beyond the church walls.
By Stacy Sauls
Stacy Sauls invites us to image a different kind of church, one formed around making Christ truly present in the world. More
By Ronald D. Pogue
“Being on the Same Page” by Ron Pogue, reminds us of the value of our congregation’s governing documents and how they can be a useful tool for decision making.