By William A. Doubleday
In “Knowledge is Power,” William Doubleday introduces congregational leaders to the resources available to them in Canon 7: Of Business Methods in Church Affairs.
By Ronald D. Pogue
“Being on the Same Page” by Ron Pogue, reminds us of the value of our congregation’s governing documents and how they can be a useful tool for decision making.
By Alberto CutiƩ
Alberto Cutié shares key differences in governance between the Episcopal and Roman Catholic churches. Available in both Spanish and English.
Trying to describe the Episcopal Church's General Convention? These resources can help...
By David Perkins
As a teenager David Perkins was called as a Baptist minister. Years later, he joined the Episcopal Church, in part because of its governance.
By Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson 'connects the dots' from our revolutionary roots to today's vesty.
In the face of devastating loss, what are some of the key things a church community needs to do?