By Beckett Stokes
Several small congregations in the Diocese of Colorado are growing and thriving as a result of their adoption of a shared leadership model.
By Robin Hammeal-Urban
This article shares a model to help leaders manage change, be aware of their own feelings, and help parishioners address their own emotions to support health, wholeness and vitality for years to come.
By Linda Buskirk
When Christ Church in Pensacola began to think about their future, they engaged in a process of strategic thinking. Their goal was to identify their vision and their values, as well as some priorities for strategic action. L…
By Heather Barta
A model being used in the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Michigan helps lay leaders make the shift from full time clergy to working with part time or supply priests.
By Birdie Blake-Reid as told to Nancy Davidge
Our church is vibrant, alive, and very connected to our community, as well as to The Episcopal Church at the diocesan, provincial, and denominational levels. It hasn’t always been that way...
By Mike Ehmer
Our responses to change and transition in congregational life vary because our understanding of them is influenced by our experiences and individual temperament.
By Lisa H. Towle
Concern for the future started Lisa Towle and ECW-NC on a journey of discernment and discovery. More
By Mary Frances Schjonberg
Twenty-five years ago, two churches – one Episcopal, the other Lutheran – came together united by a common mission. Mary Frances Schjonberg shares their story.
By Rosa Lindahl
Above all, trust in the slow work of God. We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. We should like to skip the intermediate stages…And yet it is the law of all progress that it is made by …
By Chas Belknap, Michael Butler, Jane Morley, and Judith Rees Thomas
The leadership team of a small church, over the course of a year, moved from being tired and anxious to enthusiastic about the way in which ‘the Holy Spirit is working through us and with us.'
By Ken Howard
A ‘tongue firmly in cheek’ piece of slipping a serious issue past the defenses that often may keep us from some critical self evaluation.
By Stacy Sauls
Stacy Sauls invites us to image a different kind of church, one formed around making Christ truly present in the world. More
By Greg Syler
Collaboration has about as much buzz as any buzzword seems to buzz these days.
By David Farrand
As we begin a new year, perhaps you are trying to decide, once again, what resolutions might bring you health and peace. One goal might be to close the planning gap. Or, put another way, this may be the year to finally addres…
By Anne Burns
Think of this time as the longest Advent season you have ever experienced.
By Charles Robertson
I am speaking here of that often overlooked hero in the New Testament book of Acts...
By Peyton G. Craighill
When a congregation makes a paradigm shift from an attractional model of ministry to a missional model, how will the shift influence its understanding and practice of worship?
By Cam Miller
We are "dating" a Presbyterian congregation that may one-day co-habitat with us in our buildings.
By Tommy Dillon
What do you do when a once-vibrant ministry that defined a parish's commitment to social ministry outlives the needs of the surrounding community and the resources of the parish to sustain it?
By John Adler
Using small groups, Iona-Hope Episcopal Church lives into its core values, impacting not only life inside the church but also in their wider community. Also in Spanish.