Research on nonprofit fundraising suggests that as donor age decreases, the prevalence of the following donor questions increases: (1) Can I give online? and (2) How is my money making a difference?
We hear it all the time: You need to be doing year round stewardship! But how do we engage the topic of money in a way that is fun, engaging and deeply spiritual?
Building on how Jesus challenged us to consider proper use of our resources, this webinar will offer a broad overview of the most important aspects of parish finance and will share how your parish can improve in this vital as…
This web conference is designed to address how and why the stewardship efforts of so many congregations produce lackluster results. It will specifically examine the role of messaging and how tone and content can impact annual…
The way your parish spends money is directly linked to mission and ministry and a key indication of your congregation’s identity.
How much money is “enough” for a planned gift?
This webinar covers basic principles and best practices for Episcopal schools in endowment management, including basic definitions, endowment policies, and investment options.
The Rev. Jerry Keucher recently wrote an article for ECF Vital Practices (available here) to help congregations determine the best price to charge an outside group for use of its space.
Clergy compensation comprises the major portion of any congregation’s budget. Often when clergy refer to “Clergy Compensation,” they mean something different from lay leaders who often don’t ask questions to fully understand.
Planned gifts made to your school could be transformational in securing funds for scholarships, building endowments and new facilities, and empowering your future.
This webinar addresses how leaders can build trust to encourage planned gifts among donors and about the pitfalls that can be caused by a lack of trust.
How are your leaders cultivating grants from Donor-advised Funds (DAF) created by your parishioners and other constituents? Since DAFs have become the fastest growing giving tool in the country, are you correctly recognizing …
Undertaking a capital campaign can seem daunting, but it need not be.
This webinar will provide a concrete, yet adaptable, "how to" for successful annual fundraising.
This workshop reviews basic principles and best practices for endowment management.
Learn how a legacy society will enhance and empower your congregation's planned giving ministry.
This webinar will be based on the Flourishing In Faith series of bulletin inserts produced by The Episcopal Network for Stewardship. (TENS)
This workshop provides an overview for your parish on how to set up a year-round stewardship program focusing on clear theological grounding and practical tools to implement your efforts.
This webinar will provide a step-by-step understanding of the methodology that has led hundreds of Episcopal parishes to success using a flexible three phase process: Discernment, Feasibility Study, and the Gifting Phase.
How congregations spend their money is a clear indication of their understanding of mission and ministry. For any parish leader, lay or clergy, a quick look at the financial situation can help one discern a key piece of the c…