How much money is “enough” for a planned gift?
Planned gifts made to your school could be transformational in securing funds for scholarships, building endowments and new facilities, and empowering your future.
This webinar addresses how leaders can build trust to encourage planned gifts among donors and about the pitfalls that can be caused by a lack of trust.
This webinar will provide a concrete, yet adaptable, "how to" for successful annual fundraising.
Learn how a legacy society will enhance and empower your congregation's planned giving ministry.
How congregations spend their money is a clear indication of their understanding of mission and ministry. For any parish leader, lay or clergy, a quick look at the financial situation can help one discern a key piece of the c…
This webinar will provide a step-by-step understanding of the methodology that has led hundreds of Episcopal parishes to success using a flexible three phase process: Discernment, Feasibility Study, and the Gifting Phase.
By Bill Nolan
Like pruning a vineyard in a drought, how a parish spends its money during tough times is critical — and like it or not, sends a strong message to parishioners about their own spending
By Ken Quigley
Swimming naked, you say? How is that like using endowment income for operating needs? Answer: No one notices ‘til the tide goes out.
By Fred Osborn
How do you manage your parish’s operations when the value of the endowment shrinks?
By Mary Sulerud
“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life; what you shall eat or what you shall drink, nor about your body, what you shall put on....”
By David T. Leibell
Healthy endowments play a significant role in the long-term stability of a church. Part of the stewardship responsibility of a vestry, therefore, is to understand the rules associated with the proper administration of endowme…
By Ken Quigley
There are two basic ways of distributing money from your endowment fund: an “income-only” policy, or a “total return” policy.
By Matthew Freeman
What follows are insights into the “narrative budget,” growing in popularity because of its ability to draw members of the congregation into the budget process...and keep them there.