Steven Tomlinson recently wrote an article for ECF Vital Practices to help people better understand their relationship with money.
How are your leaders cultivating grants from Donor-advised Funds (DAF) created by your parishioners and other constituents? Since DAFs have become the fastest growing giving tool in the country, are you correctly recognizing …
Undertaking a capital campaign can seem daunting, but it need not be.
How do messages from our families of origin, our culture, and our religious traditions shape our ideas about money?
How should you position your endowment/investment fund portfolio for 2017 with the advent of a new administration in Washington?
By Kyle Matthew Oliver
Kyle Oliver explains why digital giving is first and foremost an act of hospitality and relationship building, and shares basic principles to help any congregation start a digital giving program.
By Julie Young
If you’re a new vestry member, beginning your role can be an overwhelming time of information overload. Julie Young highlights a few must-know pointers to help you get started on your journey.
By Martin Spielman
I explore the fact that some folks are seeking God...but don't know where to start
This webinar will provide a concrete, yet adaptable, "how to" for successful annual fundraising.
By Wendy Pineda
Wendy Pineda analiza las finanzas personales, y explica que las tres cosas más importantes que debemos saber son nuestros ingresos mensuales, nuestros gastos mensuales y la cantidad de deuda que tenemos.
How much money is “enough” for a planned gift?
This webinar addresses how leaders can build trust to encourage planned gifts among donors and about the pitfalls that can be caused by a lack of trust.
Planned gifts made to your school could be transformational in securing funds for scholarships, building endowments and new facilities, and empowering your future.
This webinar on opportunities of chariatble remainder trusts features a conversation's with ECF's new legal counsel, Nancy Marx, and David Leibell, ECF's prior attorney in planned giving work.