Vision & Planning

The most effective leaders have always created teams to work with and lead with them. Take Moses in the story of Exodus, or Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament, or Martin Luther King Jr. in the Montgomery Bus Boycott…
A tool for congregational leaders who are considering hiring a consultant - or professional resource - to assist them in reaching their goals.
A series of activities to help your leadership do a comprehensive review of all activities, ministries and programs of your church.
It’s no secret. Parish budgets usually aren’t dynamic or compelling. They’re a series of numbers trapped in straight lines. Context is everything. In the right context, those numbers are the legend to a map: Where did we come…
Is the possibility of a church merger being considered as part of your growth strategy? This resource may help...
Do you know your congregation's statistics? Information is available: use this data to enhance your knowledge about your diocese, congregation, and local community.
Is there a sure-fire way to set up a planned giving effort from scratch in a congregation? While there's no magic bullet, Jim Murphy, ECF's managing program director for financial resources, recommends these basic steps.
In this new era the vestry and all leader groups will seek to give the congregation the gift of missional leadership. The governance functions in this agenda are concentrated, allowing greater time for the development of an …
Is your congregation prepared for a crisis? Do you have a written, easy to access guide for dealing with a crisis? Are your staff and congregational leaders familiar with/trained to deal with a crisis should it arise?
Every parish has the potential of a devastating disaster. Are you prepared? These resources may help.
Strategic Solutions is a program offering facilitation and assistance for congregations, dioceses, and Episcopal schools to envision and fund future ministries.
RenewalWorks grew out of the Diocese of Chicago's Episcopal Spiritual Life Renewal Program. Facilitator Clarence Langdon describes the process developed for congregations.
Resources on ECF Fellow Rosa Lindahl Mallow's innovative work in Florida to merge three very different congregations into one: large suburban, Latino storefront, and small financially struggling.