Capital Campaigns

ECF offered a number of workshops the 2014 Church Leadership Conference: Unlocking the New Church. Copies of some of the presentations are offered below.
By Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows & Sabrina Colman
Many small parishes never undertake capital campaigns because of the difficulties and limitations that come with having few resources.
If you worry about “always asking for money” in your congregation, this webinar is for you.
By Wanda R. Copeland
What is it like for a small church to carry out a successful capital campaign? Wanda Copeland shares the learnings from St. Matthew's in Horseheads, NY.
This month we offer five resources to help your congregation with conducting a successful capital campaign. Please share this digest with your parish leadership and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices’ to…
“Doesn’t having a capital campaign negatively impact annual stewardship?” This question is one of the most frequently asked by churches anticipating a capital drive.
How a successfully run capital campaign can raise funds for whatever the church needs.
Relationship building is evangelism.
Aside from the elements of our Christian faith and worship practices, churches are not so different from secular nonprofit organizations, and can learn valuable lessons from our non-religious cousins.
The question I am often asked when I am making a presentation to prospective clients is usually related to making “The Ask”.
What does the Bible say? Here are a few passages of scripture that are often used for bible study, stewardship campaigns, or communication materials to reflect on God's gifts to us and our call to respond in gratitude.