Using proper spending rules with your endowment is key to maintaining confidence and trust with your congregation and a key component of proper endowment management.
Do you know the laws that govern your endowment?
By Demi Prentiss
Sometimes, the obstacle to creating an endowment is simply, “we don’t have the money.” In “Building a Legacy,” Demi Prentiss shares the story of how a smaller church, made smaller by a church split, found a way to build a leg…
This workshop reviews basic principles and best practices for endowment management.
In the November Vital Practices Digest, we offer 5 resources for creating and growing endowments, practicing good oversight, and establishing year-round stewardship in your congregation.
This webinar covers basic principles and best practices for Episcopal schools in endowment management, including basic definitions, endowment policies, and investment options.
A Legacy Society is not only a great way to encourage planned gifts, but a way for those who provide for the church to witness to their faith. Here's how to create an informational brochure and enrollment form.
How should you position your endowment/investment fund portfolio for 2017 with the advent of a new administration in Washington?
Are you overspending your endowment? How do you know?
Five resources to help your congregation's efforts with planned giving, with the fifth resource suggesting a way to strengthen your practice of year-round stewardship.
By Ken Quigley
There are two basic ways of distributing money from your endowment fund: an “income-only” policy, or a “total return” policy.
This webinar will look at how your investment policy statement, spending rules, and asset allocation are intimately related. Vestries, finance committees and other leaders in Episcopal churches and organizations are called up…
Join us to review basic principles and best practices for endowment management.
Learn more about planned giving options and how they can benefit both you and your parish or favorite Episcopal charity.
Selecting the best person(s) to lead your planned giving efforts is an important step in building and sustaining your program.
2015 proved to be a volatile year for investments. How should you position your endowment/investment fund portfolio for 2016?
By Jerry Keucher
Jerry Keucher lists ways to recover and re-build your endowment, if you find that your church is over-drawing.