Youth & Young Adults

By Sharon Ely Pearson
Some 50 percent of all Protestant teens attend church weekly, participate in Sunday school or in a religious youth group, pray and attend a religious summer camp or retreat, though less than one-third read the Bible each week…
By Brian N. Prior
When asked, “When did you know you were called to ordained ministry?” I always begin with the story of Mrs. White.
By Ed Ziegler
What does life after youth group look like?
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
In preparing this issue, we put out a nationwide call to those working with youth: clergy, youth ministers, vestry members, etc.
By Matthew Moretz
As we shape and direct the mission of our parishes, young people should be at the front of our agendas.
By Stefan Jagoe
Six years ago, when I took on the position of Youth Minister at Grace Episcopal Church, I didn't have the slightest idea of where to begin.
By Sharon Pearson
Would you consider the youth programs in your congregation "spiritual?"
By Virginia Citrano
We often fail to include our youth in one of the most central aspects of our faith, the governance of our church. Until they come knocking, that is.
By Jason Sierra
Young adults are not big churchgoers generally. Our lives are hectic and often unstable.
By Charis Bhagianathan
In the first of a two-part series, “Social Media Campaigns” by Charis Bhagianathan shares how Episcopal congregations and dioceses are using Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to educate and engage both parishioners and those i…
By Liz Luna
Finding people to fill leadership roles can be a challenging. One approach is to provide opportunities for members, including youth and young adults, to develop leadership skills - as helpers, assistants, or committee membe…
By Valerie Bailey Fischer
As they tried to shake my hand, the father turned to me and quietly said, “see you in five years.” That was almost two years ago and I have not seen them since.
By Stephen Trever
On Sunday June 5, close to 600 people from the community of Medford, Massachusetts turned out for Let’s Move! Medford.
By Allison Duvall
In the first year of his episcopacy, Bishop Stacy Sauls was assessing the gifts and challenges facing the Diocese of Lexington. He saw the problems plaguing the Appalachian region: high levels of poverty and rampant illiterac…
By Ryan Mahoney (as told to his mom, Jan Mahoney)
About ten years ago, parishioners noted that many families requested bicycles for their children and themselves. For many, bikes served as their primary transportation to school and work.
By Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas
Making people feel valued and welcome is key to building community. In “Feeling Valued,” high school senior Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas invites congregational leaders to reflect on the ways youth are valued – or not – in their c…