Buildings and Grounds

A story about the importance of having, and knowing how to use, an AED – Automated External Defibrillator.
By Christopher L. Webber
Rightly, the Episcopal Church is attempting to emphasize mission and noting that we often focus our efforts on maintenance. As a vestry member, you are familiar with the problem. Here are some suggestions.
By Eliza Linley
Episcopalians have moved beyond the era when, as the old joke went, evangelism meant unlocking the door on Sunday mornings. But how often does force of habit make us blind to our worship environment – without regard to design…
By Sarah Peveler
Last year, I asked five clergy –- evangelical and mainline Protestant, Roman Catholic, Episcopal, and Jewish -– to record a short meditation from their own tradition that answered the question, Why should we spend money on ou…
By Judy Hoover
St. Edward the Confessor in suburban Minneapolis burned to the ground last April after a young man threw gasoline-filled bottles at the structure late on a stormy night. We asked the rector to share tips with our readers on c…
By Episcopal Church Foundation
I’m the new warden of St. William’s in the Woods. The Deep Woods.
By Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner
Serving on a buildings and grounds committee is probably one of the most thankless tasks you will ever be asked to do for your church.
By Malcolm Young
A storm spinning thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean drives ahead of it warm but powerful southerly winds and dark, foreboding skies.
By Leonard Freeman
How do your boilers work? Where do you go to turn on, or down, or whatever, the air conditioners?
By Episcopal Church Foundation
Vestry Papers asked wardens from the Consortium of Endowed Parishes their thoughts in planning for long-term maintenance of parish buildings.
By Dan Austin
There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but it was raining at St. Tiffany’s-in-the-Fields. Inside.
The Genesis Covenant challenges faith institutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions of their facilities by 50% in ten years. The Getting Started Guide will help parishes take action on this important goal.
By Jeff W. Fisher
Do we really believe in resurrection? That is the question that the people of St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Waco, Texas, asked themselves after closing St. Alban’s Memorial School, an Episcopal school that had served the ch…