Buildings and Grounds

By Tommy Dillon
What do you do when a once-vibrant ministry that defined a parish's commitment to social ministry outlives the needs of the surrounding community and the resources of the parish to sustain it?
By Cam Miller
We are "dating" a Presbyterian congregation that may one-day co-habitat with us in our buildings.
Is the possibility of a church merger being considered as part of your growth strategy? This resource may help...
By Jeanie Sablatura and Terry Nathan
In today’s world of decreasing church attendance, changing parish demographics, and difficult economic times, it is essential that all of us optimize the stewardship of the resources with which we are blessed.
By Charles Hendrix
“Giving from Our Abundance” sounds like a tired stewardship campaign slogan, but what might happen if a church did this?
By Brian Taylor & Paul Vosburgh
St. Michael and All Angels is not a wealthy congregation. However, the story of our capital campaign over the past couple of years has been quite remarkable.
By Judith Doran
Dr. Alan Watton was ninety years old when he started coming to church, via a ride from our hospitality chairs (a husband and wife team). After the first service, he stopped on his way out and asked if I made home visits.
By Maurice J. Seaton
A capital campaign is an opportunity for building community, yet it can be fraught with obstacles.
By Philip Mantle
Faith in action – loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength by loving our neighbors as ourselves – is the hallmark of Jubilee Ministry.