May 2005
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Buildings and Grounds

Holy Care of Holy Places
By Annabelle Radcliffe-Trenner - 0 Comments
Serving on a buildings and grounds committee is probably one of the most thankless tasks you will ev…
  • God is in the Details
    By Malcolm Young - 0 Comments
    A storm spinning thousands of miles over the Pacific Ocean drives ahead of …
  • Teamwork, Patience and Humor
    By Episcopal Church Foundation - 0 Comments
    Vestry Papers asked wardens from the Consortium of Endowed Parishes their t…
  • Avoid Unhappy Surprises
    By Episcopal Church Foundation - 0 Comments
    I’m the new warden of St. William’s in the Woods. The Deep Woods.
  • How Does It Work?
    By Leonard Freeman - 0 Comments
    How do your boilers work? Where do you go to turn on, or down, or whatever,…

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