May 2012
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Our Story
By Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook - 0 Comments
“Our Story” by Sheryl Kujawa-Holbrook explores the roots of our democratic style of governance a…
  • ¿De Arriba o de Abajo?
    By Alberto Cutié - 1 Comments
    Alberto Cutié comparte diferencias clave en el gobierno entre la Iglesia E…
  • From Above or Below?
    By Alberto Cutié - 0 Comments
    Alberto Cutié shares key differences in governance between the Episcopal a…
  • Being on the Same Page
    By Ronald D. Pogue - 0 Comments
    “Being on the Same Page” by Ron Pogue, reminds us of the value of our c…
  • Knowledge is Power
    By William A. Doubleday - 0 Comments
    In “Knowledge is Power,” William Doubleday introduces congregational le…
  • Connecting the Dots
    By Bonnie Anderson - 0 Comments
    Bonnie Anderson 'connects the dots' from our revolutionary roots to today's…
  • Our Call to Leadership
    By Lelanda Lee - 2 Comments
    People of Color have a special call to leadership. Lelanda Lee offers insig…
  • Episcopal and Baptist Governance
    By David Perkins - 1 Comments
    As a teenager David Perkins was called as a Baptist minister. Years later, …
  • Called to Common Mission
    By Mary Frances Schjonberg - 0 Comments
  • Nuestra Llamada al Liderazgo
    By Lelanda Lee - 0 Comments
    Creo que la Gente de Color tiene un cometido especial hacia el liderazgo en…

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