November 2012
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Liturgy, Music, & Leadership

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By Donald Schell - 0 Comments
In 1987, my teenage daughter was attending a Catholic girls school in San Francisco, and she and her…
  • Finding Our Voices
    By Ana Hernandez - 1 Comments
    What does your voice sound like to you? To others? How well do you listen? …
  • Las Posadas: Hospitality & Evangelism
    By Robert Williams - 0 Comments
    In Los Angeles, at the Cathedral Center of St. Paul, the sure sign that Chr…
  • The Bible Challenge
    By Marek Zabriskie - 0 Comments
    Studies reveal that the number one factor by far in church growth and spiri…
  • El Reto de la Biblia
    By Marek Zabriskie - 0 Comments
    Los estudios revelan que de lejos el factor número uno en el crecimiento d…
  • What Fresh Hell is This?
    By Sam Portaro - 0 Comments
    Sam Portaro’s invitation to think about Advent through Joseph’s eyes as…
  • Baptismal Covenant
    By Howard Kently Williams - 0 Comments
    In “Baptismal Covenant, ” Howard Kently Williams offers a look at the w…
  • Collective Prayer
    By Karen B. Montagno - 0 Comments
    “Collect of the Day” by Karen Montagno reminds us of the power of commu…
  • Transform Your Congregation: Read the Bible
    By Scott Gunn - 0 Comments
    Scott Gunn in “Transform Your Congregation: Read the Bible,” invites us…

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