January 2008
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Vestry Meetings

Why not, if it is for Christ?
By Denis C. Brunelle - 0 Comments
Allow me to tell you about a member of a parish where I was rector. He was a man who possessed incre…
  • How to lead effective vestry meetings
    By Neal O. Michell - 0 Comments
    Ugh. How many vestry meetings have you attended that went late into the nig…
  • Three Time-Savers
    By Neal O. Michell - 0 Comments
    The agenda and the treasurer’s report should be distributed to vestry mem…
  • In YOUR eyes, what works?
    By ECF, Consortium of Endowed Parishes, Episcopal Church Center - 0 Comments
    What makes for a good meeting? What are your hopes and expectations?
  • Triangulation: vestries be mindful
    By Neal O. Michell - 0 Comments
    In human interactive terms, a triangle occurs when each of two opposing par…
  • Per your request
    By Toni Daniels - 0 Comments
    I recently received a phone call from a rector seeking information about wh…

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