January 8, 2014

January 2014 Editor's Letter: Vestries: Listening to God’s Call

Welcome 2014! 

That beginning of a new year offers a clean slate: A chance to start over, to rid oneself of unproductive habits; an opportunity to be more of those things one would like to be more of, and less of those things that weigh us down. In 2014, my resolution is to minimize the stress I create for myself – to pay attention to the ways I can unnecessarily complicate things, to teach myself to recognize the triggers, and to learn how to keep things simple.

For many congregations, January brings annual meetings and vestry elections. Changes in leadership teams bring opportunities for new ways of looking at the familiar challenges related to congregational finances, membership, and mission. As new vestries form, fresh perspectives emerge as the group begins their work together to discern what God is calling them to do.

In our January Vestry Papers, we share stories and experiences of congregations and vestries who are facing – and successfully navigating – the realities of a changing world while remaining faithful to God’s call.

Here are their stories:

Doing things the same way is unlikely to produce different results, yet often organizations are unsure about how to break out of old patterns. In “Adapt or Die,” Ken Howard shares the process congregational leaders at St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Germantown, Maryland use to live into a more incarnational Christianity.

As annual meetings and vestry elections approach, some congregations find it difficult to recruit nominees for vestry and other leadership positions. When John Mark Wiggers learned this was a challenge for his new congregation at St. James Church in Knoxville, Tenn., he saw an opportunity to explore a different method of vestry selection. “Apostolic Selection? Choosing Vestry Members” is the story of what’s working for St. James. This article is available in both English and Spanish.

Making people feel valued and welcome is key to building community. In “Feeling Valued,” high school senior Ariana Gonzales-Bonillas invites congregational leaders to reflect on the ways youth are valued – or not – in their congregation.

Imagine if every vestry included a member who helped everyone keep Christ at the center of every conversation. In “Why Not, if it is for Christ?” Denis C. Brunelle shares a practice vestries can use to deepen their own discernment skills, one he learned from a man named Roy.

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