Sample Vestry Job Description

This sample job description is offered to give you a starting point when describing vestry members' responsibilities. Please adapt the document below entitled "ECF's Sample Vestry Responsibilities" so that it is appropriate for your congregation.

Below "ECF's Sample Vestry Responsibilities" you will also find examples of how three different Episcopal congregations describe vestry responsibilities. These include:

  • St. Paul's, Chatanooga, TN's description of "Expectations of Vestry Members"
  • St. Alban's, El Cajon, CA's "Position Description" for vestry members.
  • St. Columba's, Washington D.C.'s description of responsibilities for candidates for vestry.

For sample job descriptions for officers, such as senior and junior wardens, see The Vestry Resource Guide, published by the Episcopal Church Foundation 2015. (Available through Forward Movement Publications)

If you have good examples of vestry job descriptions, we invite you to share them Tools section of the ECF Vital Practices website.

ECF's Sample Vestry Responsibilities

St. Paul's, Chatanooga, TN - Expectations of Vestry Members

St. Alban's, El Cajon, CA's "Position Description"

St. Columba's, Washington D.C.'s "Description of Responsibilities"