The Episcopal Pulse community weighs in on the Christian Super Bowl ads.
Episcopal Pulse’s recent survey on “sharing your faith” found that many Episcopalians understand evangelism as inviting others into a community transformed by the Gospel and marked by hope, love, and joy. Demi Prentiss elabor…
Creating a contact card for your congregation is a simple way to raise awareness among your community.
Canon Annette Buchanan writes in her blog post about improving church communications that, “We need to continuously ask ourselves who are we not reaching, who is not being heard or seen and who is being left out as we live in…
The Rev. Michael Carney talks about time and hope in the light in his latest post for ECF’s blog.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Jon Davis talks about Dinner Church and how a return to church over food would serve us well.
The Rev. Spencer Hatcher writes about the vibrant sense of community and grace that can be found at Episcopal summer camp.
The Rev. Sandy Webb emphasizes the importance of a communications ministry in our latest blog.
This month we share five reflections on Easter.
Ken Kroohs discusses whether it’s true that people are not really interested in religion anymore. What do you think?
Here are ten resources for Advent 2021
In his essay, the Rev. Sandy Webb explores the changing dynamic between the church and parishioners. He says, “people come to the church looking for something and the leaders of sustainable churches need to know what that is.…
Annette Buchanan talks about the value of friendships in Jesus in this post on Mark 2 1:12 for the Good Book Club.
In our latest blog, Linda Buskirk shares the hopefulness stemming from new people taking orders in the Episcopal Church. They come from many different backgrounds to follow the call. We pray for those who are in discernment o…
Walking in prayer from Sunday to Thursday of election week.
Ken Howard compares ministry in two- and four-year colleges and discovers that we have left a lot of low-hanging fruit on trees.
In his blog, Front Yard Church, Alan Bentrup exhorts us to be “front yard people”, to sit regularly in our front yards and communicate with our neighbors and passersby.
Ken Kroohs compares wearing red during Pentecost to those crew members in the original Star Trek who wore red on away missions. Most of the red-shirted crew died on those missions, while Scripture tells us we are to die (to s…
Online platforms for ministry will become increasingly important in the new normal of post Covid-19.
In his blog, Evangelism, Connection, and Our New (Virtual) Reality, Alan Bentrup gives us suggestions on how to conduct church services now so that we reach the most people in the best ways possible.