By Amy Simons
In the beginning when the earth was a formless void and darkness covered the face of the deep, a wind from the Internet swept over the land and the Internet said
By Barbara Dundon
As we stepped outside the StoryBooth that chilly Saturday in March, my husband and I knew we had experienced something sacramental.
By Ryan Mahoney (as told to his mom, Jan Mahoney)
About ten years ago, parishioners noted that many families requested bicycles for their children and themselves. For many, bikes served as their primary transportation to school and work.
By Brent Owens
The second installment of Brent Owens' article on St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Monroe, GA. "After the substantial decline in size, a major focus of St. Alban’s has been on growth."
By Harold T. Lewis
The ministry of welcoming newcomers into our midst is arguably the most important evangelistic activity in which a parish can engage.
By Eric H.F. Law
As members of the community entered the worship space, they saw the image of an eye projected on the wall and heard a voice say, “I see."
By Kirk Smith
Does your church have a Facebook page? Does your rector “tweet”? If not, you are missing an effective, free opportunity for evangelism and church growth, not to mention a vibrant new tool for strengthening your church communi…
By Kathy Copas
It only takes a moment for a guest to get a first impression of your parish.
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
There are a few myths floating around about small congregations: they reflect the demise of the Church; they are poor; they are troublesome; and they are a minority in the Episcopal Church.
By Daniel Vélez Rivera
Why do Latinos arrive to our doorsteps? What do they find? Why do they stay? What makes Latinos feel welcome in the Episcopal Church?
By Matthew Moretz
As we shape and direct the mission of our parishes, young people should be at the front of our agendas.
By John Adler
"Our purpose is to commission these persons in the Name of God and of this congregation into membership in Iona-Hope."
By Mary Parmer
Cultivating new practices of invitation, welcome, and connection that are rooted and grounded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ will transform our congregations...
By Kevin Minch
¿Cómo encontró nuestra iglesia? Si bien visitar una iglesia durante un servicio de culto puede ser una excelente manera de formarse una primera impresión, la realidad es que muchos de nosotros obtenemos nuestra primera impres…
By Tamara Plummer
Tamara Plummer shares the Episcopal Asset Map, a grassroots populated website that makes sharing our faith experiences easier and more accessible for all.
By Steve Pankey, Andy Doyle, David Gortner, Nick Knisely and Stephanie Spellers
Members of the Task Force on Leveraging Social Media for Evangelism what evangelism means for an Episcopalian today.
By Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE
Br. Curtis Almquist, SSJE, gives us practical ways to help a community engage and grow together as disciples.
By Day Smith Pritchartt
Day Smith Pritchartt shares some stories from projects around the Church to inspire us to re-examine our church ministries through the fresh lens of innovative evangelism.
By Scott Gunn
Scott Gunn shares the experience and a selection of practical resources and learnings that came out of the Evangelism Matters Conference.
By Christian Anderson and Trevor Black
Church welcome videos are an excellent way to invite newcomers in and share the joys of the parish community. Too often we are held back by budgetary concerns and the lack of time, but there is an answer! In Your Church Need…