By Fran Wheeler
Hunger is not just a Third World problem. Hunger does not discriminate. Young and elderly, black and white, male and female… the many faces of hunger are different, but the pain and the need are the same.
By Lynette Wilson
Our Episcopal congregations in Province 9 as well as our Anglican brothers and sisters in the two-thirds world can offer valuable lessons related to innovative models of financial sustainability and asset based community deve…
By Karin Hamilton
“Phenomenal!” That was the word that parishioners of St. Ann’s, Old Lyme, Connecticut, kept saying as they visited the new sewing room in their undercroft.
By Hannah Wilder
In a city where 80,000 children do not attend school and 6,000 children live on the street...
By Daniel Trudeau
“Imagine our shock when she got off the plane with only one plastic bag. We thought there must be luggage, but that was all they had.”
By Pat McCaughan
It has taken about seven years for the dream of a school in the Galilean town of Shefa’amr to blossom into the recently dedicated Episcopal Cultural Center—but that’s just one part of this wonderful story.
By Charles E. Jenkins
I write to you from our temporary offices in Baton Rouge where we are the guests of St. James’ Episcopal Church.
By Timothy Goldman
Gardens have always been places to meet God and God’s people.
By Fletcher Harper
When I was eight or nine, I was playing outside on a hillside near the sea in Rhode Island, where my family spent time during the summer.
By Nancy McConnell and Patricia Helmer
Global climate change models predict that extreme weather events will become increasingly common.
By Philip Mantle
Faith in action – loving God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength by loving our neighbors as ourselves – is the hallmark of Jubilee Ministry.
By Fletcher Harper
More and more people believe that protecting Creation is a religious value.
By LeeAnne Beres
Forty days of Lent. Nine hundred and sixty hours. Fifty-seven thousand, six hundred minutes.
By Ariel Miller
Ohio Episcopalians have found a way to boost low-wage neighbors out of poverty even if their own parish budgets are shrinking.
By Faith Rowold
El Hogar and the Church in Honduras are providing a safe space where kids like Emanuel can learn, grow, and help create a better future for their communities.
By Nancy Davidge
A question from a senior warden looking for advice on ways to engage with her suburban community sparked the idea for “Answering God’s Urgent Call. Together.” What processes are congregational leaders using to help them learn…
By Margaret Bullitt-Jonas
El intrincado y hermoso mundo natural en el que usted y yo nacimos está siendo agredido a una escala masiva y sin precedentes. La perturbación del clima, la extinción de las especies, la explosión demográfica, la desforestaci…
By Nathan Davis
“Church with Garden and Food Pantry Seeks Same” by Nathan Davis names a challenge many congregations have experienced: You’re about to begin something new and would really like to talk with others already engaged in that mini…
By Simón Bautista Betances
In both Spanish and English. Three ways people of faith can stand up for people who are most vulnerable, voiceless, and marginalized.
By David Paulsen; Introduction by Nancy Davidge
In 2012, neighbors believed the church was closed. It wasn’t. Four years later, there are visible signs of life at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. “Peace Garden” by David Paulsen, with an introduction by Nancy D…