By Angela Emerson
Vestry planning calendars for managing operational aspects of the church efficiently, creating time for prayer, study and planning.
By Beau Surratt
A fun way to connect the missional objectives and activities of our congregation with our parishioners' intentions for annual giving.
Does your congregation think about and talk about stewardship only during the annual funding campaign? If so, you’re missing year-round opportunities for formation. Not sure how to start? These two tools may help.
Does your parish have a planned giving program? Learn how one parish used the church fair model to breathe life (pun intended) into their planned giving program.
A capital campaign is an opportunity to identify new leaders and create opportunities for mission and service.
The Genesis Covenant challenges faith institutions to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions of their facilities by 50% in ten years. The Getting Started Guide will help parishes take action on this important goal.
A food pantry garden is a wonderful ministry for a faith community. These gardens foster disciplineship, stewardship of the earth and social justice. They are places of gathering, hospitality and celebration. Given proper pla…
In the Episcopal Church we believe that your estate and end of life plans should reflect your values. The following ECF resource contains three sections: the medical directive, planning your funeral and writing your will.
Use these letters and brochures to promote your planned giving program - either customize to your needs, or use them "as is" to get started right away.
This timeline for stewardship campaigns shows how to structure year-round planning in order to increase the success of a parish's annual pledge drive.
A Legacy Society is not only a great way to encourage planned gifts, but a way for those who provide for the church to witness to their faith. Here's how to create an informational brochure and enrollment form.
By Greg Syler
Documents developed by two congregations who envision a sharing future who have developed a covenant to guide their conversations to explore collaboration.
What does the Bible say? Here are a few passages of scripture that are often used for bible study, stewardship campaigns, or communication materials to reflect on God's gifts to us and our call to respond in gratitude.
By Lisa Meeder Turnbull
Have you thought about building your congregation's budget around your mission story? Here's a template to help you get started.
The Constituency Model consists of concentric circles that represent levels of connection an organization’s constituents have to an organization. I have modified the model to fit the structure and life of the Episcopal Church…
Is there a sure-fire way to set up a planned giving effort from scratch in a congregation? While there's no magic bullet, Jim Murphy, ECF's managing program director for financial resources, recommends these basic steps.
By Norah Joslyn
In English and Spanish, written by Bishop Greg Rickel, Diocese of Olympia
By Tyler D. Schleicher
If parishioners give electronically, how will their offerings get blessed? "I give electronically" cards may be the answer.
The "Blessed to Be a Blessing" stewardship reflection series is designed to complement and support congregations during their annual giving campaigns