By David Posterero
Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland Ohio realized that in the economic climate of 2009, their minimalist approach to stewardship was not going to work.
By Kate Ferris
Nothing sends people scurrying for the sexton’s closet faster than hearing the footsteps of the stewardship chairperson coming down the hall.
By Laurel Johnston
Interviews with ten Latino/Hispanic congregations reveal best practices of stewardship.
By Jeanie Sablatura and Terry Nathan
In today’s world of decreasing church attendance, changing parish demographics, and difficult economic times, it is essential that all of us optimize the stewardship of the resources with which we are blessed.
By Sharon Ely Pearson
Issues of creativity lie at the very heart of Christian formation, because to live a life of grace is to live creatively.
By Uchenna Ukaegbu
When my rector asked me if I’d consider heading up the annual stewardship campaign, I admit to a sinking feeling in my stomach that many of us experience when faced with the task.
By Brent Owens
In the first of a two-part series, the Rev. Brent Owens writes that when you're down, you're not out.
By Lynette Wilson
Our Episcopal congregations in Province 9 as well as our Anglican brothers and sisters in the two-thirds world can offer valuable lessons related to innovative models of financial sustainability and asset based community deve…
By Brent Owens
The second installment of Brent Owens' article on St. Alban's Episcopal Church in Monroe, GA. "After the substantial decline in size, a major focus of St. Alban’s has been on growth."
By Steve Huffman
When you were elected by your peers to the vestry, you quickly became aware you had the power of the purse.
By Rosa Lindahl Mallow
The New River Regional Ministry is the result of the commitment of The Diocese of Southeast Florida, All Saints Church, St. Ambrose Church, El Centro Hispano de Todos los Santos, and St. Ambrose Pre-school to serve joyfully b…
By Doreen Rice
The congregation at St. Aidan's Episcopal Church in Olathe, Kansas, understands stewardship to be both holistic and organic. They've built their stewardship plan around what they see as a recipe for spiritual growth....
By Armantina R. Peláez
Latin Americans in the United States generously donate money, leadership, and talent to the Church. It’s important for them to see their resources being used prudently and to know that they’re truly contributing to the welfar…
By Charles LaFond
Stewardship campaign chairpersons may perceive themselves as congregational “nagger” or “scolder.” Might we suggest a self-perception of “coach” or “cheerleader?”
By Fred Osborn
Members of a vestry are responsible for the church’s resources. That usually means obtaining, managing, and directing the use of people, buildings, and investments of and for the church and its ministries.
By Lisa Meeder Turnbull
In the European tradition, we say, “the end” as if the story has no life outside of that moment. Cinderella and Prince Charming live happily ever after. The end. There’s nothing more to say. But in African storytelling, we …
By Elizabeth McKay Moosbrugger
How do you get people to say yes? First you say yes.
By Angela Emerson
In being good stewards, we advocate giving of our time, talent, and treasure continuously throughout the year. Are pledge cards distracting us from our efforts to practice good stewardship? What alternatives might we use in…
By Jamie Coats
I’m not alone when making the observation that often, as we look ahead, our paths seem blocked and full of obstacles.
By Celeste Ventura
That idea of legacy as the way we live, not simply the things we leave, is fundamental to our Christian understanding of generosity. What are the practices you are living forward and what do you understand about practice, gen…