Small Churches

By Beckett Stokes
Several small congregations in the Diocese of Colorado are growing and thriving as a result of their adoption of a shared leadership model.
By Estela López
Estela Lopez shares the story of the rebirth of a struggling church in Texas. A shared vision and inviting all members to become leaders are central to the success of this ministry. (Also available in Spanish.)
By Sharon Richy Turner
Is the Internet the 'Promised Land' for congregational communication? Sharon Richy Turner explores how churches are using Internet based resources to share the Good News.
By Kelly Sundberg Seaman
Kelly Sundberg Seaman shares her experience of becoming full-time, the many benefits it brought her and her congregations.
By Betsy Fisher
St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Amenia Union, New York was a parish of 16 when priest Elizabeth Fisher accepted their call 10 years ago. “Inspired by the Mustard Seed” shares the story of a tiny church with a mission to do gr…
By David Paulsen; Introduction by Nancy Davidge
In 2012, neighbors believed the church was closed. It wasn’t. Four years later, there are visible signs of life at St. Alban’s Episcopal Church in Indianapolis. “Peace Garden” by David Paulsen, with an introduction by Nancy D…
By Brent Owens
In the first of a two-part series, the Rev. Brent Owens writes that when you're down, you're not out.
By Kevin Spears
Being senior warden is demanding, regard- less of the size of your congregation. In a small congregation, though, the demands are magnified because church staff members are in short supply.
By Lindsay Hardin Freeman
There are a few myths floating around about small congregations: they reflect the demise of the Church; they are poor; they are troublesome; and they are a minority in the Episcopal Church.
By Herb Gunn
“You are troublemakers,” charged Tom Ray, retired bishop from the Diocese of Northern Michigan, which has been on the forefront of the Total Ministry movement in the Episcopal Church for the past twenty-five years. “This is s…
By Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows & Sabrina Colman
Many small parishes never undertake capital campaigns because of the difficulties and limitations that come with having few resources.
By Bob Honeychurch
Some congregations are vital and alive; others are not. Why?
By Tim Schenck
In the Book of Deuteronomy Moses says to the Israelites, “See, I am setting before you today a blessing and a curse.” He holds up the entire life of faith and offers his people a choice — to love and serve the Lord their God …
By Chas Belknap, Michael Butler, Jane Morley, and Judith Rees Thomas
The leadership team of a small church, over the course of a year, moved from being tired and anxious to enthusiastic about the way in which ‘the Holy Spirit is working through us and with us.'
By Nancy Davidge based on conversations with Jerry Jefferies and Carolynne Fairweather
Four small churches of different denominations have found new energy by working and occasionally worshipping together. Three of these four churches also share a rector.
By Nancy Frausto
Nancy Frausto describes how this type of church perseveres against all odds because of people who are fiercely passionate about their church and neighborhood.
By Kelsey Schuster, Susan Daughtry and Karen Olson
Kelsey Schuster, Susan Daughtry and Karen Olson bring us news about the ECMN School for Formation, which is transforming small church communities.
By Rebecca Wellborn
Rebecca Wellborn writes about the significance of gathering rural church leaders and the difference it is making in communities across the Diocese of Dallas.
By Wanda R. Copeland
What is it like for a small church to carry out a successful capital campaign? Wanda Copeland shares the learnings from St. Matthew's in Horseheads, NY.
By Susan Elliott
Susan Elliott shares some key takeaways from two online discussions ECF facilitated with part-time clergy of small Episcopal congregations.