Prayer & Reflection

In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian addresses the conflict in the Middle East and hopes we as Christians work towards peace.
In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian observes that, in general, we don’t know what to do with ourselves if we don’t have a phone in our hands or a laptop on our knees. He thinks that most people would welcome some silence.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Sandy Webb explores the idea that congregational leaders need to give something new whenever they take away something old.
In his blog post on hospitality, the Rev. Greg Syler discusses his first and primary sign of welcome in a church is a set of open doors.
In her post for ECF’s blog, the Rev. Lauren Grubaugh Thomas discusses Eurocentrism in the Episcopal Church and her experiences as a white woman married to an Indian man and mother of multi-cultural twin daughters.
In our latest blog post, the Rev. Sandy Webb writes about getting to know his parishioners by asking them to invite him to visit while they’re on the job.
In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian writes poignantly about his boxer Dustin’s death from cancer and what he was able to take away from the experience.
In our hectic lives, it is easy to become consumed by busyness. However, taking the time to be still, to meditate on God's word, and to pray is essential. In our latest blog post by the Rev. Alan Bentrup, he explains that in …
Westley Art Hodges writes about his experience as a queer person in The Episcopal Church in our latest blog.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Jenn Pilat shares her reflections about love and parenting.
ECF President Donald Romanik went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Donald, with other Episcopal leaders visited Jerusalem, Jericho, the Jordan River, Bethlehem, and other significant landmarks in this spiritual pilgrimage - …
In our latest blog, the Rev. Michael Carney reminds us that although we might not recognize the way, we’ll all be together one day in the Creator’s house.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Michael Carney encourages us to care for one another and to follow Jesus more faithfully.
In his latest President's blog, Donald Romanik encourages us to turn away from our death-like patterns and behavior at all levels and accept God’s promise of new life.
In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian discusses the purpose of Lent and our natural tendency to look away “when we feel like we can’t create change; when the situation seems so big, and our efforts seem so small.”
Ken Mosesian explores the idea that life is imperfect and that too is a plan of God’s in our latest blog, The Roof is Leaking
Ken Mosesian sums up the state of the world with the aptly-titled, “It’s a Mess Out There”. His Lenten reflection continues, “It is a mess out there. It always will be. Which is why we need to have the courage to live our fai…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Michael Carney addresses the question, “How can caring people stay hopeful amidst all the troubles in our world?”, drawing from Jesus’s experience and Sermon on the Mount.
In our latest blog, Donald Romanik offers suggestions on how to incorporate themes of Epiphany into our daily lives as followers of Jesus.
The Rev. Michael Carney talks about time and hope in the light in his latest post for ECF’s blog.