Prayer & Reflection

By Ann Hallisey
“The spiritual leadership of the parish is the rector’s job!”
By Marek Zabriskie
Studies reveal that the number one factor by far in church growth and spiritual development is regular engagement with Scripture. This, however, has not been a strong suit for most Episcopalians.
By Jamie Coats
I’m not alone when making the observation that often, as we look ahead, our paths seem blocked and full of obstacles.
By Pat McCaughan
Be a non-anxious presence, especially in the midst of conflict.
By Sharon Pearson
Would you consider the youth programs in your congregation "spiritual?"
By Fletcher Harper
More and more people believe that protecting Creation is a religious value.
By Bill Nesbit
If spiritual vitality of a congregation were measured, where along a continuum would the members in your church be?
By Dan Edwards
Dan Edwards shares stories, from biblical times to the present, of people who have walked in faith, giving away what they have and finding that they still have enough.
By Br. James Koester, SSJE
With our final article we shift our focus to the practical: How might we equip ourselves to best respond to the changes we face? Perhaps, as Br. James Koester, SSJE, models in “Where is the Invitation Here?” we need to engag…
By Sandra T. Montes
Sandra Montes encourages us to practice awareness and gratefulness for the present, while planning for the future.
By C. K. Robertson
We start by looking back to the early days of Christianity. In “From Factions to Families: Lessons from 1 Corinthians,” C.K. Robertson reminds us that Paul’s advice to the Corinthians has stood the test of time. He suggests w…
By Colleen McMahon
Colleen McMahon shares the importance of prayer and spiritual practice for vestries. She warns about falling victim to the “Martha syndrome” - being consumed by the many worldly tasks vestry service presents, and in the proce…
By James Koester, SSJE and R. Casey Shobe
Retreats can be an effective vehicle for renewing and refreshing a vestry. James Koester, SSJE and R. Casey Shobe share how a contemplative retreat can transform vestry leadership away from “crunching numbers, going over the …
By Nathan E. Kirkpatrick
A vestry retreat, if planned thoughtfully, can be a time of fruitful work, relationship building and most importantly, honest conversations about the life and health of a church. In The Vestry Goes On Retreat, Nathan E. Kirkp…
By Brendan O’Sullivan-Hale
Brendan O'Sullivan Hale shares important lessons on how we should talk about money in the church.