By Phyllis Jones
Phyllis Jones offers descriptions of the three most popular packages in the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey and shares what congregations should consider when making this decision.
By Tyler D. Schleicher
As a new treasurer, Tyler Schleicher quickly discovered that he needed to get up to speed quickly and, at the same time, find ways to make the role more manageable .
By David Vryhof, SSJE
Using the monastic Rule of Life as a guide, Br. David Vryhof shares how vestries and other leaders can develop a covenant to both form and function well as a group.
By Erin Weber-Johnson
Opinions vary as to whether or not ordained leaders of faith communities should be familiar with what parishioners are pledging. Erin Weber-Johnson reached out to her church campaign colleagues and asked them to share their e…
By Martha Goodwill
It's valuable for congregational leaders to have – and practice – good internal controls. Martha Goodwill offers four specific actions every congregation should adopt.
By ECF and Laurie Kazilionis
In July 2009, the 76th General Convention passed Resolution A177, establishing the Denominational Health Plan (DHP), a Church-wide program of health care benefit plans requiring equal access to and funding of health care plan…
By ECF and Pattie Christensen
This article readers to the church-wide lay employee pension system.
By Bonnie Anderson
Bonnie Anderson 'connects the dots' from our revolutionary roots to today's vesty.
By David Perkins
As a teenager David Perkins was called as a Baptist minister. Years later, he joined the Episcopal Church, in part because of its governance.
By Donald Schell
In 1987, my teenage daughter was attending a Catholic girls school in San Francisco, and she and her schoolmates were recruited to serve as ushers for Pope John Paul II’s Mass at Candlestick Park, the baseball stadium where t…
By Steve Follos
Whether a broken stained glass window or a storm takes the roof off the church, here are recommendations for vestries to consider when evaluating property and casualty insurance plans.
By Neva Rae Fox
In “Warden’s Work,” Neva Rae Fox lifts up the warden’s role as evangelist, sharing stories from conversations with current and former wardens in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles.
By Lucy Owens
Impressed by the warmth, friendliness, and joy found throughout the Grace-St. Luke’s website, I invited Lucy Owens to share their approach with our readers. In “Weaving Story Into All We Do,” Lucy describes a congregation tha…
By Melissa Rau
Things may seem okay, but there are warning signs of potential decline lurking in many seemingly successful congregations that are staff dependent. This article helps Identify issues and steps to help get started with changes…
By Steve Follos
Regular evaluation of all of a church’s insurance policies is an important part of the vestry’s responsibilities. This article looks at types of liability insurance that every congregation should consider
By William A. Doubleday
In “Knowledge is Power,” William Doubleday introduces congregational leaders to the resources available to them in Canon 7: Of Business Methods in Church Affairs.
By Ronald D. Pogue
“Being on the Same Page” by Ron Pogue, reminds us of the value of our congregation’s governing documents and how they can be a useful tool for decision making.
By Toni Daniels
I recently received a phone call from a rector seeking information about what to pay her staff.
By Episcopal Church Foundation
I’m the new warden of St. William’s in the Woods. The Deep Woods.
By Carol E. Barnwell
In the beginning was the Word. To me, although there is opinion to the contrary, tat makes communications the oldest profession in the world.