This one hour webinar is designed to present practical tips and considerations for those planning to serve as senior warden for their parish and rector.
The way your parish spends money is directly linked to mission and ministry and a key indication of your congregation’s identity.
Using proper spending rules with your endowment is key to maintaining confidence and trust with your congregation and a key component of proper endowment management.
In this webinar participants will receive a foundation for developing a successful year-round plan.
Do you know the laws that govern your endowment?
In this workshop we will focus on how to figure out what you want to say (your message) and who you want to say it to (your audiences), then focus on how the answers to those questions will shape your efforts in communication…
This hands-on webinar will provide participants a step-by-step process in effective grant writing and techniques for creating a narrative budget.
The Rev. Jerry Keucher recently wrote an article for ECF Vital Practices (available here) to help congregations determine the best price to charge an outside group for use of its space.
Learn more about the Church Pension Group before General Convention.
This webinar will cover the differences between norms and covenants, establishing a theological basis for a covenant, and how a covenant functions in the life of a vestry or other leadership team.