By Linda Grenz
A liturgy for the commissioning of new parish leaders.
By Donald Romanik
So you’ve just been elected a warden in your parish. You may be thinking: What now?
By Anne Burns
Think of this time as the longest Advent season you have ever experienced.
By Lynn Gosnell
The way Martha Steves, former senior warden and current vestry member explains it, the work of St. Mark’s vestry in San Antonio, Texas, has undergone a gradual yet fully transformative shift.
By Ann Hallisey
“The spiritual leadership of the parish is the rector’s job!”
By Diocese of Washington
“Warden” means “steward” or “guardian,” and wardens are the chief stewards and servants of their congregations.
By Randy Ferebee and Alan Akridge
Why do so many vestries go on retreats? Why do they clear their busy calendars and make such time a priority for the health of their congregation?
By Jim Lemler
We sing about it. We hear about it, and we pray about it...the firm foundation on which our faith rests. However, at this moment there is some significant seismic activity.
By Anna Olson
The photo project was designed to give the Vestry the opportunity to take a closer look at our neighborhood. It was not intended to lead directly into strategic planning, but rather to shift our perspective and open our eyes …
By Richard H. Schmidt
The name Richard Hooker rings no bell for most vestry members. More than a few clergy haven’t heard of him, either.