Vision & Planning

Most churches and nonprofits have a mission statement, but surprising few have articulated a vision. What’s the difference?
How we are responding to the rapid pace of change throughout the Church and in the world around us, and how we can be proactively addressing it?
By Blair Pogue
St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church in St. Paul, MN has been re-envisioning the role of the vestry over the last five years: inviting vestry members to understand their role as that of a spiritual discernment team.
By Gary Gleason
"Why should we spend a year trying to get a new minister? I could fill this job in about a week!" the vestry member proclaimed. "Yes," I replied, "but it's not a good idea."
The most effective leaders have always created teams to work with and lead with them. Take Moses in the story of Exodus, or Jesus and the apostles in the New Testament, or Martin Luther King Jr. in the Montgomery Bus Boycott…
By Greg Syler
Collaboration has about as much buzz as any buzzword seems to buzz these days.
By Jane Patterson and John Lewis
How can you tell when a ministry is no longer viable?
A tool for congregational leaders who are considering hiring a consultant - or professional resource - to assist them in reaching their goals.
By Lisa H. Towle
Concern for the future started Lisa Towle and ECW-NC on a journey of discernment and discovery. More
A series of activities to help your leadership do a comprehensive review of all activities, ministries and programs of your church.
It’s no secret. Parish budgets usually aren’t dynamic or compelling. They’re a series of numbers trapped in straight lines. Context is everything. In the right context, those numbers are the legend to a map: Where did we come…
By Tom Ehrich
For a better future to happen, vestries need to recognize that business-as-usual is over. Over the next two to three years, vestries need to undertake six radical shifts in how they operate.