Vision & Planning

Here are ten Lenten Resources for 2023.
In our latest blog, Greg Syler talks about technology and the Covid pandemic, and suggests maybe it’s time to come back together in person.
In our latest blog, the Rev. Canon Annette Buchanan discusses succession and signs that it’s not going so well and steps to take in order to do it well.
This month we offer five resources on visioning.
The Rev. Ken Howard of FaithX discusses his latest collaboration with Try Tank called Episcopal Pulse, a project to keep a finger on the pulse of The Episcopal Church through weekly, rapid-response micro-surveys.
The Rev. Ken Mosesian writes the second in a two-part blog series on holding a vestry retreat. Here he talks about communication and other essential components to create a successful experience.
Robert B. Townes, IV gives his predictions for the future of The Episcopal Church.
Like many of us, ECF Associate Program Director Josh Anderson has trouble with winter. But where there is challenge, there is also opportunity. He talks here about financial opportunities to be found during the bleakness.
COVID-19 has brought up a myriad of choices and decisions for churches, one of them being vaccinations. In our latest blog, The Rev. Sandy Webb discusses how his church approached vaccine mandates.
The Rev. Greg Syler takes a deep dive into the meaning of the word “parish” and a number of other terms that we Episcopalians throw around.
Imagine that you could travel back in time and talk with the leaders of your own congregation two or three generations ago and give advice to your predecessors that would help your church’s situation today. What would you say…
In our latest blog, the Rev. Ken Howard writes about clergy transition and how a process called Data-Grounded Discernment along with the newly re-designed CVA tool can inform your decision-making.
Sandy Webb belongs to a thriving parish whose traditional model of doing church works well. But he sees storm clouds approaching and a need to chart a new course as the seas change.
The Rev. Hunter Ruffin describes how his parish approached a visioning and planning process with the help of the Congregational Vitality Assessment.
Julia Heard discusses if the Church should include its pandemic technology into post-pandemic worship.
In our latest blog, Greg Syler discusses amending the diocesan canons relating to the health and viability of parishes, as they have done in Washington DC.
Jack Nelson and Sandy Webb relate the story of how members from a closing church chose a new home with their Church of the Holy Communion – a process that took almost two years.
Greg Syler discusses the merging of his two Maryland parishes into one parish and asks, “How can we create a more sustainable business model that helps drive the mission and ministry of The Episcopal Church in our communities…
This month we offer five resources on visioning.
Would your small church be better off in collaboration with another small church? In his latest blog, Greg Syler proposes that the Episcopal Church use some multisite thinking. He presents statistics to show that the movement…