Capital Campaigns

The Rev. Sandy Webb discusses debt and how it can be used responsibly in a capital campaign.
Do you need a video for your capital campaign?
Nick Sollog relates his experience with a church that was in the middle of a feasibility study when their rector was elected Bishop of another diocese. All hope was not lost! The vestry found two chairs to lead the campaign, …
Jerry Campbell writes about St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and how it will be able to open a new parish center. St. Mark’s story is comprised of four pieces, with the capital campaign facilitated by ECF being the final piece of …
Joe Merlino talks about discernment in his first blog post for ECF. A capital campaign consultant, Joe meets with parishes that often have tried various approaches before turning to ECF. Here he explains the holistic approach…
Is geography destiny for a capital campaign? In the case of Camp Wingmann, a small Episcopal summer camp in the Diocese of Central Florida, the answer happily was no.
A great way to deal with anxiety is to bring it into the open - expect anxiety, and ensure concerns and ideas continue to be heard.
I have learned that the time spent in congregational discernment - reflecting on our questions in light of scripture, prayer, and the counsel of others - is incredibly valuable to the final success of whatever it is we are qu…
Communities often get tied up by their buildings, unwilling to see that new life can be had when we free ourselves from their constraints.
Every so often the leadership of a congregation decides that it is necessary to spend some valuable time discerning what needs to be addressed.
I invite all of you engaged in ministry of any kind to include that role on your “what I am thankful for list” this week.
I had just attended my first service with a six-week old baby, and I would see things with new eyes from now on in every church I visited thereafter.
The Discernment phase of a capital campaign is as important as either the Feasibility Study or the Solicitation phase, and it is a unique part of ECF’s capital campaign method.
St. Dunstan’s Episcopal Church in Madison, Wisconsin, developed a fun way to communicate why projects to be accomplished in their capital campaign were important.
A warm welcome takes many forms.
Here are three other outcomes of a robust capital campaign process, as I’ve witnessed as an Episcopal Church Foundation capital campaign consultant.
Discernment is a wonderful opportunity for reflection, fellowship and the collective refinement of your mission.
Kick-Off Celebration, remember that you are just beginning to enter a significant phase of the campaign that has everything to do with reaching the goal of the campaign.
There is a scary sense of the unknown at the start of a period of congregational discernment, whether for a potential capital campaign or for strategic visioning.
In the fundraising context, I like to think of the giving and receiving of money as a kind of sacrament – it is the outward and visible sign of a spiritual covenant between donor and recipient.