By Tom Patterson
Especially in these difficult economic times, when every penny counts, an effective church audit is a necessity and no longer an option.
By Lynn Mander
Key issues congregations should consider when planning for and creating an endowment.
By Rees Olander
The latest saying making the rounds is, “Never waste a good crisis.” And with good reason, for whether congregations find their budgets funded through pledges or endow- ment income or both, vestries are facing hard financial …
By Fred Osborn
How do you manage your parish’s operations when the value of the endowment shrinks?
By David T. Leibell
Healthy endowments play a significant role in the long-term stability of a church. Part of the stewardship responsibility of a vestry, therefore, is to understand the rules associated with the proper administration of endowme…
By Jerry Keucher
In bad times and good, the principles that vestries should follow in their fiduciary oversight of long-term investments are the same. Especially when the markets are down, it is essential not to lose your head.
By Ken Quigley
Swimming naked, you say? How is that like using endowment income for operating needs? Answer: No one notices ‘til the tide goes out.
By Ken Quigley
Two stories, one problem. Both were small churches. Perhaps they thought they were too small to have an endowment fund. Or perhaps they thought the vestry would deal with a major bequest when the time came. In both cases, the…
By Deborah Kelly
Deborah Kelly writes about what it means to endow a pledge and shares her church’s successful, step-by-step campaign.
By Jerry Keucher
Jerry Keucher lists ways to recover and re-build your endowment, if you find that your church is over-drawing.
By Demi Prentiss
Sometimes, the obstacle to creating an endowment is simply, “we don’t have the money.” In “Building a Legacy,” Demi Prentiss shares the story of how a smaller church, made smaller by a church split, found a way to build a leg…
By Ken Quigley
There are two basic ways of distributing money from your endowment fund: an “income-only” policy, or a “total return” policy.
By Ken Quigley
How is an endowment managed effectively and who is responsible for it? In Church Endowments: Blessing or Curse, Kenneth Quigley details the roles of those responsible as fiduciaries, explains the goals of an endowment committ…