Planned Giving

Join us to review various tools for empowering your donors to give more generously to your Episcopal school.
By Sandra T. Montes
Sandra Montes encourages us to practice awareness and gratefulness for the present, while planning for the future.
Would you like to discover if a donor-advised fund (DAF) is a good choice for you and your family to enhance your philanthropic planning and stewardship?
A Legacy Society is not only a great way to encourage planned gifts, but a way for those who provide for the church to witness to their faith. Here's how to create an informational brochure and enrollment form.
ECF hosts quarterly webinars that focus on relevant topics for Planned Giving and Development Leaders.
If you worry about “always asking for money” in your congregation, this webinar is for you.
Learn how a legacy society will enhance and empower your congregation's planned giving ministry.
Join other parishioners just like you to learn more about planned giving options and how they can benefit both you and your congregation.
Use these letters and brochures to promote your planned giving program - either customize to your needs, or use them "as is" to get started right away.
This web conference focuses on the basics of planned giving, how it differs from annual stewardship and capital campaigns, how your parish can build endowment through life income gifts, and you will have a plan of action by t…
We do need to reintroduce the topic of Gifts and Memorials for the church leadership and congregation. Here are a few ideas to consider.