Christian Formation

The "Blessed to Be a Blessing" stewardship reflection series is designed to complement and support congregations during their annual giving campaigns
PDF versions of "The Witnessing and Blessing of a Marriage" and "The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage" as approved at the 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church.
The following resources may be helpful as we prepare for another election year. These non-partisan resources can be used by individuals, small groups, and in adult education offerings.
Linda Grenz writes in her Vital Posts blog, "Churches often fail to observe copyright laws, or even the basics of courtesy. We have this unfortunate habit of thinking that just because it is "for the church" it is OK..."
Confused about limitations on church-sponsored dialogue during this political season? Check out these resources for guidelines related to church engagement in the electoral process and public policy.
Here’s a collection of resources related to Lent. As we discover new resources, we’ll add links; if you have a link to share, please share it via a comment (below) or add it to our Your Turn page.
Trying to remember where you saw that Lenten resource? ECF Vital Practices maintains a curated list of resources created by various faith organizations.
Links to free Advent resources, calendars and devotions, reflections; St. Nicholas Day; and preparing for Christmas visitors at your church.
Does your congregation also have a school? Here are links to resources developed by the National Association of Episcopal Schools and other resources related to church-school partnerships.…
A practical guide on how Christian Formation in the Episcopal Church will be impacted by technology over the next ten years.