Christian Formation

What are the theological implications of 'The Age of the Human'? What forms of our life-together as a global Anglican communion are already well adapted to an age of planetary uncertainty, instability, and risk?
Hear about “hybrid faith formation" and learn how to start supporting hybrid faith formation in your congregation.
This web conference will focus on practical ways Episcopalians can faithfully explore issues related to science, technology, and faith in light of the Episcopal Church's approach to such issues.
Motivated by busy schedules, declining participation in institutional life, and changing patterns of individual religious practice, congregations have an increasingly rich opportunity to support the faith lives of members out…
This webinar tells the abbreviated story of spirits in the Bible, beginning in ancient Israel and continuing into Second Temple Judaism and the New Testament.
Whether we have good news, bad news, or complex news to share, the task for Christians is always the same: we are called to communicate the Gospel and the truth of Jesus Christ. This webinar examines how you can communicate i…
How can sermons shape the lives of congregants and the direction of the congregation as a whole?