How does your parish engage with its surrounding community?
This one-hour webinar will provide an overview of the platform including how to search for information and how to update the information about your church or facility, and will draw on a variety of resources including stories…
Reflection on the second annual Missional Voices National Gathering.
It is also important that the growth of congregations be not only numerical but also spiritual.
I won’t be leading any missionary journeys to Mars, but I think I am learning a thing or two about missional work from this series.
At what point do we stop dreaming about what we can be and do?
What the Church does (or should do) is all missional. But I think too often we forget that.
By Susan Kleinwechter
Some churches lean on their visioning statements to drive them toward community partnerships. In “Pasture to Partnerships” Susan Kleinwechter shares how a community partnership not only helped with maintenance of St. Martin-i…
During the webinar, we will discuss the links between collective and servant leadership in transforming education and social outcomes.
By Janice Ford
For Janice Ford and Peter Kosciusko, their commitment to the full recovery and rehabilitation of men incarcerated in the local county jail was the catalyst for the transformation of the rectory at their Episcopal Church into …
We’ll need these precious, quiet times in the year – these times when the world around seems to hush, even for just a bit – so we can come indoors, reflect, give thanks, and look forward – this dynamic communal motion which i…
You can always find the divine at work in this life if you open your heart and soul to the stories that lurk beneath the often over-produced surface.
Using a handful of case studies from Sudanese church history, this webinar draws out lessons for evangelism and church growth and shows that by listening to the experience of our sister and brother Anglicans, we can learn mor…
By Susan Snook
Susan Snook lays out the importance of looking outwards, re-focusing our money on God’s full mission for us and allowing ourselves to “be sent” where God leads us.
This webinar explores the ways in which Episcopal identity can be honed on the forge of missional ministry.
This webinar explores neighborhood-based house church ministry as one form of mission that can bring Episcopalians from established congregations into communion with others in their wider parish to witness together to the pre…
Alan Bentrup asks: "Are we taking this ancient ritual to the streets to meet people where they are, or because we think it is something that “good (or cool) churches” do?"
What if God is up to something big and global, but it can only be discovered through the small and local?