How does your parish engage with its surrounding community?
You can always find the divine at work in this life if you open your heart and soul to the stories that lurk beneath the often over-produced surface.
At what point do we stop dreaming about what we can be and do?
Reflection on the second annual Missional Voices National Gathering.
In 2015, Vital Posts recorded the planting of a new Episcopal congregation in Brownsburg, Indiana, just outside Indianapolis. The small seed of a congregation that Fr. Gray planted has grown to nearly 130 people of Good Samar…
As a leader in the church, I must be ready to help empower those around me to pursue God’s mission as they see it. Folks don’t need to wait for an “official” ministry or some special request. If you see a way to help someone,…
A dear friend recently celebrated 10 years of ordained ministry. As part of his reflection on the role of the priest today, he asked me what qualities I thought priests needed to have today.
I don’t like ‘stewardship season’ because it feels like a missed opportunity to have a big, amazing conversation about what we do have, and how we could re-organize and renew as church.
It is also important that the growth of congregations be not only numerical but also spiritual.
What the Church does (or should do) is all missional. But I think too often we forget that.
Alan Bentrup asks: "Are we taking this ancient ritual to the streets to meet people where they are, or because we think it is something that “good (or cool) churches” do?"
The early church was caring for the poor, clothing the naked, feeding the hungry. This small (but growing) community was changing its surrounding community.
I won’t be leading any missionary journeys to Mars, but I think I am learning a thing or two about missional work from this series.
We’ll need these precious, quiet times in the year – these times when the world around seems to hush, even for just a bit – so we can come indoors, reflect, give thanks, and look forward – this dynamic communal motion which i…
I’ve begun to wonder if we, as a churchwide system, will be able to adapt well to new and emerging social media, largely because I’m not certain that we have within our present capacity that kind of expansive, inside-out imag…
And so our job as Christians, as those made in the image of a creating and redeeming God, is to take what is and help make it into what it can be.
Three months into St. Mary’s commitment to the Safe Parking project, I have a few observations.
When we look at our neighbors, our neighborhoods, and the situations around us, do we see the gifts they offer and the strengths they have? And when we look at ourselves and our parishes, do we see our full complement of gift…