Autumn’s annual return means that most congregations are starting to put together financial plans for next year.
Steven Tomlinson recently wrote an article for ECF Vital Practices to help people better understand their relationship with money.
In all that, let us also share our faith with each other. Your story may be just the thing a sister or brother needs to be encouraged.
Setting aside the content for a moment, I’d like to focus on the delivery device: a letter.
In this hyper-digital, connected-but-disconnected day and age, the church that finds a way to connect people to people so that everyone has someone to walk with them and represent Christ will not only be counter-cultural but …
Scott Gunn shares his thoughts on preaching along with a reflection of a recent webinar.
By Juan Carabaña
Juan Carabaña shares how practicing discipleship often means meeting others in difficult places of pain and need.
We all know it’s coming. Letters are being written, folks are being asked to share their stories from the lectern, pledge cards are being designed. The annual giving campaign will soon be underway.
This month we offer five resources on discipleship. Please share this digest with new members of your vestry and extend an invitation to subscribe to ECF Vital Practices to receive Vestry Papers and the monthly digest.
By Steven Tomlinson
“If money were my god, how would I know?” Steven Tomlinson suggests small, intentional changes to improve our money behaviors and practice financial discipleship.
By Jay Sidebotham
Jay Sidebotham shares the role of leaders – both lay and clergy – in building more meaningful discipleship.
By Jay Sidebotham
Building up leaders who can get people moving and create a culture of discipleship in their communities requires intentional work. In Leading for Discipleship, Jay Sidebotham explains how important it is for leaders to be com…
By Bill Campbell
What does it take to truly be like Jesus? In What is Discipleship?, Bill Campbell explores how discipleship involves encounters with and proximity to Jesus that lead us to modelling our lives after him.
By Julie Simonton
What is the relationship between discipleship and stewardship? In Dollars and Discipleship, Julie Simonton delves into the phrase: “Using the gifts God gives us to do the work God calls us to do” and explores how the transact…
By Lisa Kimball
What does the experience of being baptized in the world look like for you? In Walking Wet, Lisa Kimball explains what baptism means in her everyday life and invites us to be disciples who are perpetually ‘wet’ in the waters o…
By Melissa Rau
Parents who want their children to have an active life of faith must start thinking about their child’s discipleship journey early. In Beginning Before Baptism, Melissa Rau explains how new parents and churches can partner to…
By Eduardo Solomón Rivera
Are you thinking about ways to practice intergenerational discipleship in your community? In 7 Steps Toward Intergenerational Discipleship, Eduardo Solomón Rivera lists the ways all members of a parish can worship, learn and …
By Brenda Husson and Ryan Fleenor
How significant is spiritual growth for a parish community? In When ‘Fine’ Isn’t Enough, Brenda Husson and Ryan Fleenor share their experience of partnering with RenewalWorks to markedly deepen and transform the spiritual liv…
By Charis Bhagianathan
While discipleship can be a deeply personal journey for many of us, our faith communities often play a crucial role in that journey. In this issue, we bring you articles on the intersection of community and discipleship, shar…
By Phyllis Jones
How can we be better disciples with regard to how we use our gifts? How can your mission be at the heart of your budget? In Mission-based Budgeting: A Loving, Liberating, Life-Giving Practice (Part 2), Phyllis Jones shares he…