Building bridges, mending divides. Discover how the Diocese of Maryland's Reparations Fund is living into God’s call for us to be 'the repairers of the breach.'
In our latest blog, Canon Annette Buchanan provides us with a list of good disciplines for vestries and congregations to undertake during this season of Lent.
Church leaders often see a need for a change, but the congregational system doesn't always allow the change to take place. The best changes happen because we’re watching to discover what God is up to, and partnering in the wo…
Lent 2024 begins with Ash Wednesday tomorrow on Valentine's Day, February 14 and ends on Easter Sunday March 31. The Lenten season provides us all with opportunities for introspection, prayer, fasting and reading the Bible. O…
Advent can be a wonderful time to pause and reflect on the miracle that is to come. To help you celebrate this season, we’ve gathered fourteen resources.
In our hectic lives, it is easy to become consumed by busyness. However, taking the time to be still, to meditate on God's word, and to pray is essential. In our latest blog post by the Rev. Alan Bentrup, he explains that in …
In our latest blog, the Rev. Michael Carney encourages us to care for one another and to follow Jesus more faithfully.
In our latest blog, Ken Mosesian discusses the purpose of Lent and our natural tendency to look away “when we feel like we can’t create change; when the situation seems so big, and our efforts seem so small.”
In our latest blog, Donald Romanik offers suggestions on how to incorporate themes of Epiphany into our daily lives as followers of Jesus.
In the latest President's blog, Donald Romanik talks about stewardship season as being the most wonderful time of the year.
What does a theologian do? In our latest blog, the Rev. Hannah Armidon explains why she became one and what scholarship brings to The Episcopal Church.
In breakout sessions and a Q&A period, the sentiment was universal: we want to read scripture. We need to read it. God is calling us to read, reflect, and respond.
Reclaiming the Great Commission: Resources for Creative and Innovative Discipleship
I became very curious, in particular, about how those people committed to faith formation are functioning at this moment in time.
Ken Kroohs compares wearing red during Pentecost to those crew members in the original Star Trek who wore red on away missions. Most of the red-shirted crew died on those missions, while Scripture tells us we are to die (to s…
In our latest blog, Lisa G. Fischbeck imagines how Jesus would be a good Zoom bomber, not a malicious one like the kind that spout epithets, but the kind that might take over our screen with words of love and peace.
Online platforms for ministry will become increasingly important in the new normal of post Covid-19.
What did we learn from our first week of online worship?
Today we are faced with a modern plague but the question is the same: how are we called to live in the face of it. And our answers may ultimately lead to our congregations and the communities they serve surviving and thriving…
Greg Syler reminds us that Jesus says very clearly in John 12:44-50: “I do not judge anyone who hears my words and does not keep them, for I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.” In our blog, Greg explores a wo…