Cultivating Grants from Donor-advised Funds: Tools

This webinar took place on Thursday, April 27, 2017 from 7:00-8:00PM ET. A recording and various resources on donor-advised funds are available below.

How are your leaders cultivating grants from Donor-advised Funds (DAF) created by your parishioners and other constituents? Since DAFs have become the fastest growing giving tool in the country, are you correctly recognizing donors and advisors to DAFs? Please join us for this informative new webinar and gain access to useful new tools for properly thanking, recording and cultivating DAF donors!

ECF has recently established its own DAF, in collaboration with the Presbyterian Foundation, and is excited not only to make this new tool available to Episcopal leaders throughout the church, but also to help guide Episcopal leaders in parishes, dioceses and various organizations on the best ways to work with DAFs.

Presented by Jim Murphy, Managing Program Director, Episcopal Church Foundation, Joe Tackett, Planning and Development Officer, Presbyterian Foundation, and featuring other DAF experts.


Customize these templates for use in your congregation:

View sample of what this could look like for your congregation: