Fair and Balanced? Communicating the Gospel in a Partisan World

This webinar took place on Thursday, March 30, 2017 from 7:00-8:00PM ET. See below for the recording and PowerPoint slides.

Whether we have good news, bad news, or complex news to share, the task for Christians is always the same: we are called to communicate the Gospel and the truth of Jesus Christ. Yet communication within our society is often dominated by false gospels: power, agenda advancement, manipulation, and spin. Join us to discuss how to communicate in your church or institution in a manner that isn't just marketing and politics.

Traps to avoid: party-, denomination-, or agenda-driven communication focused on achieving results rather than sharing truths; bland, puffy, consensus-driven communication that avoids telling the truth and making moral judgments to keep everyone happy; and bullying communication that loudly asserts the rightness of a claim without the charitable act of listening. Solution to discuss: the Christoform truth- and charity-seeking communication that we see in Thomas Aquinas’sSumma — rooted in the faith, unafraid of truth, and charitably seeking to understand opponents in the best possible light.

The Rev'd Canon Jordan Hylden, a 2014 ECF Fellow, is canon theologian in the diocese of Dallas and associate editor for The Living Church. He is a doctoral candidate in Christian ethics at Duke University.