Focus Group for Part-Time Clergy of Small Congregations

This focus group discussion is for part-time clergy of small Episcopal congregations. As the median Average Sunday Attendance of Episcopal Churches is 60, "small congregations" are those who have an Average Sunday Attendance of less than 60.

The purpose of this focus group is for ECF program staff to listen to the critical challenges that part-time clergy of small congregations face in the areas of strategic planning, leadership, and financial resources. ECF program staff wish to learn what are the areas of greatest need, what types of resources would be most helpful, and what are existing sources of support for part-time clergy of small congregations. The structure of this one hour conversation will be a combination of poll questions and discussion.

As the purpose of this focus group is to hear from part-time clergy of small congregations, we ask that you only register if you fit this category. ECF is limiting the size of each focus group to twenty people in the hopes that this will allow for group discussion. We look forward to a good conversation.